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So, a million years ago, I was thoroughly obsessed with the tv show Without a Trace. I was looking through my show tag (oh, the nostalgia of looking back at what and how I wrote in my livejournal back in the day) and was struck again with how much I enjoyed the two of them. Of course, the show itself was mostly concerned either solving the case of the day or the Jack Angst show (periodically with the Jack and Sam show, or the Martin and Sam show...) but what I always appreciate about fandom is that we can take and improve upon it, giving them more background and plot and sex :)

Back in the day, I had claimed Danny/Martin for crossovers 100 (remember when those kind of comms were all the rage? Oh, fanfic100, all the feels) and had written out several different scenarios where the pair could pop up. I still hold out high hopes for my CSI and Without a Trace backstory crossover... but regardless. I knew this one could work, and scribbled out part of it sitting in a New York city coffee shop. 9 years later, I am posting it outside a Palo Alto coffee shop. I like the parallel.

Title: Second Steps
Fandom: Without a Trace, Rent the musical
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Danny/Martin, Mark/Roger
Summary: Post-The Road Home. Sometimes second steps are even harder. But there are things that make them easier.
Warnings (highlight to read): drug use, relapse/withdrawal recovery, mention of harm to children (non-graphic)
Notes: So I wrote a good chunk of this back in (checks) 2006. Without a Trace was still a show, still a fandom, and I always meant to finish the story. Cut to 9 years later; I was digging around in my unfinished fics and was hit with nostalgia of Danny and Martin, their friendship and the relationship that so many of us had shipped. So I had to finish this and share it.


Second Steps )
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So I was flipping through the channels and came across Without a Trace and saw that the guys are finding a disappeared serial killer... and GRISSOM is helping figure stuff out. Which totally means that my amazing crossover story idea where Warrick and Danny played football together as kids at a rec center and were juvenilely delinquent make perfect ficcish sense (dude, you KNOW it'd be awesome and why have I never written it? Sheesh.) and even better? It makes [ profile] trifles's CSI: Miami/WaT/Empire Records story totally canon. :D

Sadly, I have no more Danny/Martin icons, because that show kind of failed me in a story-telling sense. However, I am several episodes behind on Criminal Minds, though that is a good thing because I also woefully need to clean my room and that way, I will stop being tempted by the television as a means of procrastination. In addition, I still have Mamma Mia to watch from Netflix again. Good times.

To conclude, how is there not more Bones/Criminal Minds fic? Of course, I write this entry hours ago and I have now spent oodles of hours up reading CM slash of any and all varieties (Never thought Rossi/Prentiss was a pairing I would get behind. Huh.). Still, my desire for awesome Bones/Criminal Minds stories (in which Zach and Reid bond over being dork geniuses) still stands. Help me out here, internet!
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Because it's fun, I've opened a window to type all my SQUEE for SPN 3x01

Spoilers for 3x01, The Magnificent Seven )

Now I'm watching a new episode of without a Trace, most because I really, REALLY want to see Danny and Martin once. Maybe even together, but at the moment? I'm mostly boggling that Spike is an FBI agent now, apparently. *facepalm* Oh, show. You suck kind of a lot (not 'cause of James Marsters, mind you. He's pretty cool).

OH JESUS, Danny, YOUR HAIR. What have they done to you, poor baby? It's like a Beatles bowl cut thing gone horribly wrong. Makes him look so... old. I miss the short fuzzy buzz type thing. Sadness. That's it, can't watch anymore. Oh, and Jack, what the hell? You sound drunk or something. Maybe you need a nap. Sheesh, show, what is going on???

Not to mention I have to clean the house and put out the trash because the landlady is coming tomorrow and so my room should be... slightly more presentable than it is. Sigh.
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Because I am absent-minded, here is my table for Danny/Martin crossover fic (I know... I'm absolutely insane sometimes) for [ profile] crossovers100. I have lots of ideas--a cool one with House, CSI, CSI: Miami, even perhaps Supernatural (my new love)--now I have to WRITE THEM. Again, this is my continual problem. XD

Martin, when this is all over, and you and I are looking for our next gig, I just want you to know that I think we make a hell of a team. )
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Because I had free time and to give myself some structure when I write, I signed up for a few fiction drabbles to help me along. So, to remind myself, here is:

Fanfic_100 table (Mark/Roger from RENT) here

and my spankin' new table for Danny/Rusty (Ocean's 11) for a really interesting community, [ profile] philosophy_20. I will put that in a different cut-post, so as not to muck up anyone's page spacing. The prompts over there are fascinating. Ta-da!

I also asked for Danny/Martin on [ profile] crossovers100 (which will perhaps motivate me to finish my RENT/WaT crossover), so we'll see if I get that one. If so, another claim chart to post. Woohoo. I love the idea of fanfic communities, because they are great repositories of ideas. Not always repositories of great fic, but oh well.

Not to mention that I have 12 pages of a Firefly fic and several more of notes for a couple other fics. *shakes hand at my productivity, which is clearly off taking a nap somewhere*

I just finished watching the second week of Nightmares & Dreamscapes; these were two of my favorites stories and I thought that William H. Macy, in particular, did a fantastic job playing a 30s noir private eye and the author who made him. It's amazing to me when actors can so totally change their appearance and mannerisms in each role. Johnny Depp is the same way. Awe, that's all I have :o)

On the downside, I've been feeling a little ooky on and off today, but it might just be because I was awake at a decent hour today *shamefaced* It's great how much more awake you feel when you don't ridiculously oversleep. So I think I'll curl up with Law & Order: Criminal Intent (oh so adorable, all the dead bodies...) and meditate on writing ideas. Whee XD

Ahahahahaha, I just remembered: I was watching Without a Trace with my parents, and the disappeared person was a 15-year-old girl who didn't want her mom to know she was pregnant (and hadn't figured it out until 4 months in (no I WISH I was making this up)) and she and her friend kept sort of scampering around lying and being 15. I mean this in a way not to make fun of teenagers, but these girls were being ridiculous in that oh-so wonderfully stereotyped way that WaT has. The funniest part? The "omgwtfBBQ" looks that Martin and Jack kept shooting each other. It was so meta. My parents and I couldn't stop laughing...
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It's funny when you forget what you've copied and pasted until you accidentally hit ctrl-v instead of ctrl-b. Earlier today, it was a generated plot bunny for Without a Trace:

Danny's a teacher, Martin's a single parent raising his nieces after his sister and brother-in-law are killed.

It sounds so interesting, don't you think, as a concept? Yes. I think so XD

The other one was part of a comment paraphrasing a comment from [ profile] aesc: I try to write like it's an episode, except with a lot more Danny and Martin (and maybe a bit more sex) than we usually get. It sums up perfect WaT fanfic, to me. Because the seasons do such a crummy job besides giving lots of tantalizing backstory. Which, I suppose, is the purpose of fanfiction: to take canon and illuminate and expand on it. Or, in some cases, make it never exist.
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Happy Pride Day! New York was fabulous today, and I walked all along the parade route and mingled with more people than I knew what to do with. While that was happening, this story popped into my head. So, after finally bidding farewell to the last friend (who all showed up for the weekend to see Macbeth in Central Park, which was excellent and will be discussed in greater detail at another time) I sat down and typed this out. Mostly, it was a great venue to work out some of my annoyance at the characterization of Jack in Coming Home (I blathered here, for reference) as homophobic.

Also, I posted this in Pretty FBI Boys (my first fic there! flail) so we'll see. Let me know if you like it!

Untitled, Uncategorized (500ish words) )
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For my own reference (and so people can poke me to finish these if they are intrigued) here are some plot bunnies in my head in varying stages of completion:

Posse Comitatus - a Firefly (caper?) fic for [ profile] musesfool's Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge, which you should totally check out and do if you are aching to write some Firefly fic. Basically, the title of your piece comes from a West Wing episode. Easy peasey, huh?

Second Steps - WaT/RENT crossover, Danny/Martin, Mark/Roger. It has form! Just needs to be written.

Freak - Due South, Fraiser(/?)Kowalski, Elaine. A sort of AU take on who Frasier meets upon first arriving in Chicago. Oddly enough, this grew out of a dream I had one night. Yes, I dream about tv shows. So there. :-p

Straight Flush - WaT/CSI:LV, D/M, W/D, W/N. I really want to write this. Must find time for the CRACK.

RENT fic for the "New Years" prompt at [ profile] fanfic100.

Audiovisual - Short WaT one-shot Danny/Martin (duh)

Elementary - Hlots/XFiles/Due South lots of speculative pairings. OMG this fic has been in my brain for years. It also involves Sherlock Holmes and is fabulous. Though unwritten :-(

Also, mostly unformed fic for [ profile] musesfool's birthday in a month. Anyone else desiring of drabbles to celebrate or entertain? Let me know, my fandom's are mostly the above with a smattering of HP.

Of course, most of this will should come after finishing my curriculum unit due Tuesday. Along with not playing with my original fiction as well. But will it? Doubtful... XD
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Watching "Coming Home", a Without a Trace episode I've never seen before (then it's new to you!) Spoilers abound! And...

Cut in case you don't care. Which is probably true, as it's just WaT rambles )


Does anyone have a recording of (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher? It got stuck in my head as someone drove my by. It was in one of the Ghostbusters movies.

OMG, Robot Chicken is mocking Eight Mile... with Looney Tunes. It's FABULOUS. And Dr. Dre just told Bugs (B Rabbit, naturally) that he will go down in history "as the first gray rapper" *dies of laughter*

Okay, that's all folks.
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Just watched the season finale of Without a Trace...

Anthony LaPaglia, why is your voice so hoarse? It's sort of weird, and I just noticed it half an hour in. It makes me want to give you a glass of water. And while I'm enjoying the whole episode starting from the exciting part and then starting from before it happens, it better get past shooting up the FBI office and get to some sort of point. That point, CBS, better involve Danny and Martin. 'Cause all we've gotten is the two of them interviewing one guy. It was cute, yes, and I'm happy that he and Martin are off investigating together, because they totally belong together, but COME ON. Where's the D/M love? They are so captivating together, especially Danny. I swear, Enrique Murciano is really, really hot. Although he needs to stop flirting with the random new Hispanic female agent they brought in. Just like Martin stopped with Sam. Then, they can end up together! Clearly, this is Fate. *nods decisively*

Class started again today: social studies methods. Must go back to school to buy the books, as I was weighed down with crap from having been home since Mother's Day. Had a great time.... but then forgot my phone when I left today *facepalm* Guess I'll have to go back soon and get it. If anyone wants to talk to me... sorry? My bad.

Oooh, and there is now another episode of WaT, a rerun, which has more Danny and Martin, because it's before Elena! Hurray! While sometimes it helps when a new actor shows up (this happened on Homicide, with varying effect) but the show was working fine. The dynamics were interesting, complex... and this whole Danny/Elena old plot (which I seemed to have missed) is just annoying. That and she's a little too pissed-off to really make me like her. Dang.

How's with you all? *looks expectant*
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...and this totally doesn't count. But I am alive. And doing things. Of the thing nature. Mostly this is to gratuitously show you the Mark/Mimi/Roger icon. Mmmmmm, the possibilities... XD

OMG had a plot bunny for WaT/Rent this morning (in which I was actually awake). wtf brain. *files that next to wtf WaT/CSI bunny, to the left of the amazing V for Vendetta/Harry Potter fic simmering somewhere... somehow*
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Some of these are from the last entry I tried to make that the internet ate.

Really good Law & Order SVU moment a bit ago: in an episode with Rebecca deMourney (and her husband was Caine's son from Legendary Journeys, cont. how weird), Dr. Wong described her as a "manipulative bitch". That the mild-mannered Wong used words like that cracked me the hell up.

Any CSI fans, is there a Nick/Warrick following? Because I've been watched too much CSI, and I can't help but see it. What would the pairing be nicknamed? [ profile] rhymester, there HAS to be a good name for that one (I saw a YoBling site last night on Google and almost died laughing)...

I just finished watching Bride & Prejudice. Aw, I love Bollywood, with the predeliction of randomly bursting into song. And the American guy reminded me of Julian Macmahon from Charmed (and Nip/Tuck). Does anyone have the soundtrack and want to share? *smirk*

In the midst of finishing fic (OMG I had a plotbunny for CSI: LV/Without a Trace crossover, how cracky is THAT. But I'm stil alive (and marginally more healthy) and so are the animals. Hurray house-sitting.

How's with you? Cheers :o)
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Should have been asleep HOURS ago. BUT. There was Without a Trace fanfic. Danny/Martin. OMG. So pretty. With crime and AU future-ness and spot-on characterization and still so HOT for being only R (yes, that is frightening that I think of R as "only". Moving on). Go read A Long Time Coming, at least. It's a great story (with two sequels! and now we know why I'm still awake). If you know the fandom, it's even better, 'cause the writer weaves in a whole bunch of random references. It's just good writing, also. And fully satisfies my kink of shoulders and the back of the neck and talking too much about the way light plays off of pretty, pretty, muscles. Or somthing. All of which might necesitate my Ray icon. *flail*

Wow, 4am has rendered me incoherent. Apologies? And bed. Yes. Cheers! *collapse*


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