Jan. 23rd, 2015

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So, a million years ago, I was thoroughly obsessed with the tv show Without a Trace. I was looking through my show tag (oh, the nostalgia of looking back at what and how I wrote in my livejournal back in the day) and was struck again with how much I enjoyed the two of them. Of course, the show itself was mostly concerned either solving the case of the day or the Jack Angst show (periodically with the Jack and Sam show, or the Martin and Sam show...) but what I always appreciate about fandom is that we can take and improve upon it, giving them more background and plot and sex :)

Back in the day, I had claimed Danny/Martin for crossovers 100 (remember when those kind of comms were all the rage? Oh, fanfic100, all the feels) and had written out several different scenarios where the pair could pop up. I still hold out high hopes for my CSI and Without a Trace backstory crossover... but regardless. I knew this one could work, and scribbled out part of it sitting in a New York city coffee shop. 9 years later, I am posting it outside a Palo Alto coffee shop. I like the parallel.

Title: Second Steps
Fandom: Without a Trace, Rent the musical
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Danny/Martin, Mark/Roger
Summary: Post-The Road Home. Sometimes second steps are even harder. But there are things that make them easier.
Warnings (highlight to read): drug use, relapse/withdrawal recovery, mention of harm to children (non-graphic)
Notes: So I wrote a good chunk of this back in (checks) 2006. Without a Trace was still a show, still a fandom, and I always meant to finish the story. Cut to 9 years later; I was digging around in my unfinished fics and was hit with nostalgia of Danny and Martin, their friendship and the relationship that so many of us had shipped. So I had to finish this and share it.


Second Steps )


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