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Title: Vampire Blues [Interlude] (A03)
Summary: Ben and Mark, after.
Fandom: Salem's Lot
Rating: gen
Characters: Ben Mears, Mark Petrie
Notes: Written for Yuletide for smallearthcat. I ran up against the deadline and so didn't really do this story justice--I could also easily see it as the beginning of a longer work, but still I enjoyed tracing out the bizarre relationship of Ben and Mark and what it must have been like to be back in "reality" after the novel.


Vampire Blues (Interlude)
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Title: Nightcap (A03)
Summary: Moran and Moriarty have a hard time sleeping. Moran wonders why that might be.
Fandom: A Study in Emerald
Rating: gen
Characters: Sebastian Moran, James Moriarty
Notes: Written for Yuletide Madness for [personal profile] gyzym . It never really fleshed out the way I'd hoped (and the deadline didn't help), but I enjoyed sketching out the clearly doubtful Moran from the original story.

Nightcap )
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As you perhaps remember, last Christmastime I was super psyched to write a piece to world build A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman. If you still haven't read it, go here.

Nothing says Christmas like messing around with ACD canon.

Title: The Case of the Curious Menagerie (A03)

Summary: Later that afternoon, the young woman who had written appeared at our door. That she had found us at all spoke to not only her skill at seeking out less than legal avenues of help, but also of the severity of her problem. Once she was seated, I could see the desperation and fear that had driven her to seek us out wash over her face, making her voice tremble and hands quiver.
Fandom: A Study in Emerald
Rating: R
Warnings (highlight to read): Vague and specific references to Lovecraftian insanity. Death of animal-like creatures. Vague reference to assult/PTSD. Tentacles and bodily harm.
Notes: Written for Yuletide for  Satchelfoot. A twisted reimagining of "The Adventure of the Speckled Band".
The Case of the Curious Menagerie )
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Title: Night Terrors (AO3)
Summary: Monroe, someone died," Nick reminded him with a grimace. "I don't think this counts as a social call."  "Oh right, my bad," Monroe said. "We really need to go out for a beer sometime. It's sad that this is my social life."
Fandom: Grimm
Charaters: Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin, Monroe
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2014 as a gift for Gryph, who wanted our three guys hanging out and hunting things. So here we are! 

Work Text:

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Title: the past is prologue 
Summary: Ginny Hempstock had said it was only the three of them. But, before, there had been more. Or, a story of how Ginny had brothers.
Fandom: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
Rating: G
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2013 as a gift for [personal profile] shrift , who wanted something from Ginny's perspective about why the men leave. And here we are!
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Apparently my fandomness is merely yearly, as the last time I posted was a few days/weeks later than now. Still, it is time for the Yuletide rec list! I totally failed at signing up to write a fic, but I made it onto the pinch hit list and wrote an awesome twisty funky little story that I will no doubt tell you about later. For now, on to the reccomendations!

Recs from The Giver, The Stand, V for Vedetta, Dead Poets Society, Elementary, and more  )
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The nice thing about the beginning of a new year is that there is always some change in energy, a feeling that bygones should go by, mistakes forgiven, and that all the things that need to be accomplished, can. Kind of fun.

Yuletide Excitement:

This year I got to write in American Gods and since one of the requests was more about any of the gods we meet, I wrote:
In the Land of Fire and Dreams, which was lots of fun to write not only because of my love of the slightly pretentious second person narrative voice but also because I got to poke around and learn lots of random things about early Slavic religion (granted, it was on Wikipedia and similar, so I could be wrong on... all of it). And I got to reference the Great Chicago Fire, which makes my little Diogenes Boys heart happy.

I received
but for the endless ifs by kittu9, which is an amazing story of Bloom and Penelope post-The Brothers Bloom, where they are awkward and real and full of adorableness with each other in a lovely jagged and true kind of way. And there is house renovation! HGTV would get a total kick out of reno-ing with Bloom and Penelope!

And now, some amazing Yuletide recs!

Detailed recs from American Gods, Jane Austen's Fight Club, Grimm, Sahara, The Holiday, Clueless, Song of Ice & Fire, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Chaos Walking trilogy and Muppet Show/Alton Brown RPF )

And, because January comes right after December (same every year!) I had a birthday! My friends threw me a party and it was awesome and filled with cake and presents. I had what felt like 800 birthday celebrations, between my friends and various groupings of my family. Love it.

I've been busy with work (tutoring and setting up the possibility of an early morning aide in kindergarten, oh and reading all the applications ever) but right now I have the cold of doom. Which means that instead of being productive I've been watching bad tv movies on Lifetime (I've learned way too much about teen issues today) and coding the heck out of this.

Oh, almost forgot, if you haven't seen it you should go check out my dashed off "what if Arthur/Eames were on Facebook?" fic that got 300 hits in a day and half. Inception is still the new black, friends. Forgotten how intense writing in popular fandoms in in regards to feedback. So, go see
The Power of Social Media, it amuses me.

As previously stated, I am 
[personal profile] flyakate  at DW, add me!

Ok, this post has been sitting on my computer for 800 days, finally posting it. Yay.

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It's finally the magic day where we get to find out who wrote what (and perhaps why). I wrote:

In Case of Emergency, Head Towards the Nearest Exit
Eureka; Jack and Nathan; PG; 2,861 words
Everyone's set to celebrate Stark's miraculous return to Eureka. But nothing, even a simply party, can actually go as planned in Eureka.

My recipient wanted what everyone secretly wants: a chance for Nathan to be back in Eureka and solve things with Jack, snarking all the way. They also spoke of a love of all the made up science (overly cold ice cores that take over Eureka! Intelligence draining chicken breasts? I mean, come on!) that they have. So, having Fargo's computer program somehow merge with Henry's building program? No problem! I have a huge fondness for writing Jack (I can totally see his hand gestures and facial expressions, it's bizarre) and gosh, he and Nathan were amazing together. Go, read! Enjoy! If you read my other fic (with the amazing snowstorm! It was awesome!) I continue my theme of all the ridiculous paperwork that Jack has to no doubt fill out after all of these (because every government agency has paperwork, even in Eureka).

It's set in the gap between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 (clearly in watching canon there has to have been a time gap between the two) so it doesn't require any rewriting of canon (though you know that Stark and Grant would be soooo amazingly snarky at each other too! It would be something Jack and Nathan could bond over!)


I received:

V for Vendetta; Evey/V; R; 3,117 words
Evey and Finch are going through papers connected to V’s life and legacy, and it makes Evey think back to an evening she never told anyone about.

I love this! It takes all the twisty, complicated stories that people tell about each other and places Evey and Finch in V's compound going through his papers. The memory that Evey is reminded of (and the resulting Evey/V) is fascinating and I can totally see this as a deleted scene from canon.


So many good fics, so little time. A few recs:

Ever wanted to cross Anthony Bordain with Narnia? Well, now you can: No Reservations: Narnia. PURE GENIUS.

cooking shows + Cooks Illustrated + Muppets = awesome. Otherwise known as Cooks llustrated vs. the Holidays; or Science: It Works

A plethora of gorgeously creepy and terrifying stories set in the Gaiman universe of A Study in Scarlet: here

What You See Is What You Get (If You're Looking Hard Enough): a stunning Mentalist steampunk AU with witches, wizards, empaths and telepaths, oh my!

A story that slots in perfectly with the rest of the Chronicles of Amber, in all their backstabby, coniving, convoluted glory - Breaking Patterns. And, more cracktastically, A Unicornmas Dinner with the Amber Royal Family. OMG so funny.

Hoping everyone had a lovely holiday--mine was full of family stuff (dramatic and otherwise) and trying to catch up on sleep. I've been working super long hours both at subbing and tutoring AND application reading, so my LJ presence has been kind of crap. Hopefully that will change, because I need to squee with everyone about Hawaii Five-O (go read the hotness at [ profile] kissemdanno)! And finally catching up on Criminal Minds! (sheesh, they've gotten so CREEPY)

Happy beginning of 2011, all!
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Christmas morning was late in the Flyakate family household, which worked out just fine. We also took the time to watch everyone else open up a present so that it stretched out the actual present-opening time quite nicely. I am greatly excited because not only did I get a lovely new messenger bag (that I had picked out from Macy's known about) and Bones season 2, but a hilarious spatula shaped like a gingerbread man, a "Cookie Field Guild" and "Muffin Bible" from Older Sister, one of those awesome plunger measuring cups (though not this one) and a pastry board from Younger Sister, an "Interactive Sherlock Holmes mystery" from Older Brother and...

A KITCHEN AID MIXER!!! See how pretty?

I already have made cookies using it (or rather, using Mom's, so mine can stay in its box for the trek back North when I go) and made delicious gingerbread cookies ALL BY MYSELF (though Younger Sister was instrumental in optimizing the cookie cutter spacing and insuring that I had a system for chilling the dough the longest (she likes to organize things, what can I say?)

And Pete the cat got catnip and was hilarious.

But I also got [ profile] yuletide stories! Not one. Not even two. THREE WHOLE STORIES, which I will tell you about:

* Comfort (Lie to Me, Gillian/Cal, PG-13) is a lovely look at the true affection that the two of them have for each other and how they lean on each other after a hard case.

* Unwind (Lie to Me, Loker/Torres, PG-13) is a companion story (eee!) where Loker and Torres have a very in-character discussion about why they do what they do with some UST (which might become resolved, hard to say). Very cute and I loved it too!

Also (because the world and Yuletide writers love me):

* can't steal happiness (Mary Russell - LR King, Holmes and Rusell, G) which explains how Mary learns how to pick pockets and hold her own in a discussion with Holmes. The author seemed worried that it didn't fit the timeline, but I have no problem believing that Holmes would let Russell help on a case, even early in their relationship. Lovely and sounds like a lost bit of the novels.

Also, my recipient liked their story! Woo!

So, anyone want a muffin recipe? Or short drabble of your choice in the fandoms I know? (Relatedly, apparently [ profile] sga_santa is having drabble madness until January 1st, open to all! Perhaps Elementary!verse boys will have to make an appearance...) I am open to suggestions!

:o) Happy holidays!
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Somehow I never actually posted links to these, but in all the buzz of signing up for [ profile] yuletide (you have until tomorrow! Do it!) I realized that I never posted the fics that I received in past years. How ungrateful of me!

2007: Unfinished (PG-13, It) A post-novel pitch perfect story where Ritchie tries to find some answers and does, of a sort. Gave me chills and a case of the creeps, which is about perfect, really ;o)

2008: At Old Tom's Place (G, The Stand) I love the universe of this book, despite the obvious depressing nature of the post-apocalyptic setting. Set post-novel, this story deals with Tom's friendship with Nick and Stu and how the things we leave behind are more than just stuff. Adorable and a little eerie.

I've successfully signed up for Yuletide... now I just need to write a "Dear Yuletide Writer" letter. Excited to see what I get!


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