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About a million years ago, I had an idea for an SGA/Firefly fusion. And wrote up a whole rambly piece about what that would look like... and did nothing else. But there's still some... meat there, some energy that I could try to mine out.

So I'm posting it, in the hopes that it will continue to rocktumble (a term I stole from 
[personal profile] copperbadge, I fear, but totally accurate, a rolling and rocking and refining of a concept from dross to gold) and maybe even make somethign ficcish.

As an alternate fusion history, I think it's pretty awesome.

So I give you the backstory for the not!story (which I had tentatively called "Ending the Alphabet" after the
song by the Mountain Goats. Any thoughts (or pushes towards actual story-building) highly encouraged.

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Thing that are Made of Win:

* A Firefly vid set to Buffy's "Walk Through the Fire". BRILLIANT.

* Second City Torchwood by [ profile] copperbadge, where there is AU meta-referential bizzare universe-switching type coolness. With fandom!

* The catch I made today at my ultimate frisbee game. We played on the beach, and I totally body-planted getting the frisbee. And caught it!

Things that are NOT Made of Win:

* Work tomorrow. Eeeeeeearly. Ish. *sticks out tongue at life*

But made new friends today! Wooohooo. *dances*
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So I'm watching the previews in front of Hot Fuzz (I'm so excited!) and there's a preview for White Noise 2 (...I know, but bear with me): and apparently Nathan Fillion is in it? Along with Katee Sackhoff (of BSG). That almost makes it worth it. You never know. *amused at life*
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From [ profile] poisoninjest (from [ profile] adiva_calandia): Notes on Serenity's fridge.

Somewhere between Kaylee's handwriting and River's drawings, I was hooked.
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Wow, about a million years too late, I finished it! Clearly, more important that actually doing homework while I was home sick *facepalm* Anyways, hope you like it. It's a "caper fic" because I also was writing it for [ profile] musesfool's birthday, of a sort. Oh yeah, and for her Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge. Oops? Without further ado, I bring you the REALLY LONG (ooh, yay me!):

Title: Posse Comitatus
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Kaylee/Simon, River, Mal/Inara, Jayne, Zoe
Summary: The job never quite runs smooth, especially when Mal and company try to be bad guys.
Word Count: 8,537
Rating: PG. Although there's some bad language is in Chinese.
Spoilers: Multiple episodes and the movie.
Author’s Notes: Written belatedly for [ profile] musesfool’s Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge. The Latin phrase "Posse Comitatus" (able men of the county) is a reference to the tradition allowing local sheriffs to deputize a group of citizens as a temporary police force, known as a posse.
Disclaimer: The television show Firefly and the film Serenity belong to Joss Whedon and his posse, while I suppose the titles of West Wing episodes belong to Aaron Sorkin and NBC, or something. No money was made in writing this, only pure clean fun.

In the future, if you're wondering, 'Crime. Boy, I just don't know.' is when I decided to kick your ass. )

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Packing! Now to see if all the stuff I want to bring back actually fits in my suitcase. The eternal question :o) If nothing else, Finding Serenity can probably go back with Mom, as I doubt it is crucial to my student teaching. And it's not like I like a million miles from CT when I'm in New York. So no worries there.

I just hate flying. Boo. But I have a whole morning left in Maui, so I plan to get up early (*gasp!*) and take a WALK with family. I also kind of want to hit Border Express and see if they have a good plane-travel book, as I've finished all my summer reading. I suppose I could read Zinn's People's History, but I'll check to see if they have anything... lighter.

My plan is to also work on my Firefly fic in the morning and on the plane and maybe even start my O11 fic for [ profile] takethehouse. Wouldn't that be the height of productivity?

So off to jam some things in a suitcase and get to sleep early-ish.

To conclude, I posted fic before, if you missed it.

Resumption, PG-13, American Gods/Stephen King's It, 1,680

Is there a good "crossover fic" site on livejournal that anyone could reccommend? I'm just not really in the loop, fic-posting wise.

Also, I really need to make a tag for the actual FIC of fanfic, to diferentiate between that and my ficcish ramblings. *puts on to-do list*
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Shit, I'm having a dilemma. A Firefly fic dilemma (which I guess are better than physical ones, but anyway). So there's my story and it's almost done (like if I stayed up until like 3 I could probably pound it out, but no, sleep) and will finish tomorrow, but there's this bit that I have outlined about Simon and Kaylee, and it'd be cute and everything. But the story is a Mal-story, from mostly him (like his speech patterns and everything) and Simon and Kaylee aren't even in the same place as Mal, so that'd be so jarring, to go back there.

My other option is to finish the fic (with no Simon/Kaylee cuteness), then write a one-shot short of thing that is just their bit. Set in the midst of the fic. Sort of a companion piece. That'd work, don't you think? I even have a title! And it fits! OMG!

So I might do that... anyone have an opinion? Thought? Epiphany? All are welcome.

Also? My fic? Is 6,824 words *dances the dance of "OMG Long! (for me)"*
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I ran/walked 3 miles today. I am AMAZING.

Although, I was writing dialogue in my fic a minute ago, and almost made Inara use both a verb contraction and be ungrammatical. I am slightly less amazing for that. Also, I kinda whumped Kaylee. She'll be okay, though! I promise. It was for dramatic effect. And to move the damn plot along. But it's moving now, so no more injuries are on the horizon. 'Cause I don't go out to hurt my characters.

Or, as [ profile] capedcrusader92 remembers, I'm not a sadist. I just whump people. But only in fic. *innocent*
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Wrote lots of words in my Firefly caper fic! It is, at present, 4,980 words! This is like the longest thing that I've written that I will finish sooner rather than later.

Of course, when that's done I need to write a fic for [ profile] takethehouse, and a Supernatural piece for the prompt "Sam and academics". The O11 one will be hardest, mostly because it will necessitate watching the movie again and looking close at the subtext. *wicked grin*

And I go back to NYC in only 6 days! This is both too long and toooooooo short.

That, and I said I would get up at 7am for a walk. Ewwwww. Clearly, I was temporarily insane.

But, to return to topic, if anyone is up to beta a Firefly fic (gen) and a Ocean's 11 fic (approx. 1000 words, most likely Ruty/Linus), OR a Supernatural fic (DEFINITELY not Wincesty, but that's all I know), let me know!

Which reminds me, I had a bunny for a Stephen King's It ficlet. Crossed over with Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It was so entertaining. Must write... everything, apparently.
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I played with the layout of my journal a little more. You like it? Also fixed my header image (the fact that the r in "floor" was cut off had started to really bug me). Now with tags and stuff! I plan to tackle my profile info and actually say something in it. What a novel concept.

I also need to get on the ball and write some of my fics. My Due South Fraser/Kowalski 'n Elaine story has a beginning and an end. Not much of a middle yet. Maybe I need to watch some episodes, although all I have here is "Mountie on the Bounty" which isnt' exactly conducive to seeing Fraser and Ray at the height of their friendship, or even why they are friends. Because they are, in a different way that Fraser and Vecchio. I just read a really good fic of Fraser/Kowalski, which (besides being really hot and NC-17) really explores why they make sense together. They both get each other, they've been hurt and walked away from it, and hate being babied and/or praised. So, go read Busted. Unless you're not allowed. Then, just don't tell me about it ;o) Or there's O My America, which I've loved to itty bitty pieces for just about ever.

I was trying to watch Serenity but kept getting distracted. It might also be okay if I went to bed at a decent hour tonight, seeing as this whole dawn-sleeping thing has totally thrown off my schedule. Again, novel concept. Maybe I will have some epiphany about one of my stories. Or my life. Or something. Desired: one epiphany. Topic free. XD
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Working on my autobiography. Should probably turn off Fight Club, because as much as I like to think that movies as background noise works, it doesn't. I keep getting sidetracked by the pretty. Which randomly reminded me of thinking about pairings, namely Simon/Kaylee from Firefly (which had a whole bunch of episodes on SciFi Channel today. It was so exciting.)

Mostly, I'm intrigued by why Simon/Kaylee works. I mean, besides the pretty. Because they have such different personalities, and it's so easy to see Simon as just pining for going back to the Core, and Kaylee just wanting the romantic fairytale, but not quite fitting in. I'd like to think it works, but there enough evidence in the show (and the added tensions in the movie, which just ups all the contrasts between Simon and River and the crew) that I could really see it going either way. The same argument, with some refinements, could be made for Mal/Inara too, I feel. This depends, of course, on the way the author sees it, how they add up all the moments in canon to some deeper motivation. That's the fun part, I guess. Doing the math.

Anyone's thoughts on the subject would be great; especially those that help me refine my ideas about the relationships for my fic (which I WILL finish, as soon as I write thie damn autobiography).

Have exchanged Fight Club for Evita, which I've seen more times and will ignore easier. Excellent.
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Beylix: useful for smuggling. Monty got caught there. Mention that.

Mongoose, in Chinese, mao(1)you(4), literally "cat weasel". (Is it bad that I find this adorable?)

I love the internet, can I just say?

*scampers off*
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For my own reference (and so people can poke me to finish these if they are intrigued) here are some plot bunnies in my head in varying stages of completion:

Posse Comitatus - a Firefly (caper?) fic for [ profile] musesfool's Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge, which you should totally check out and do if you are aching to write some Firefly fic. Basically, the title of your piece comes from a West Wing episode. Easy peasey, huh?

Second Steps - WaT/RENT crossover, Danny/Martin, Mark/Roger. It has form! Just needs to be written.

Freak - Due South, Fraiser(/?)Kowalski, Elaine. A sort of AU take on who Frasier meets upon first arriving in Chicago. Oddly enough, this grew out of a dream I had one night. Yes, I dream about tv shows. So there. :-p

Straight Flush - WaT/CSI:LV, D/M, W/D, W/N. I really want to write this. Must find time for the CRACK.

RENT fic for the "New Years" prompt at [ profile] fanfic100.

Audiovisual - Short WaT one-shot Danny/Martin (duh)

Elementary - Hlots/XFiles/Due South lots of speculative pairings. OMG this fic has been in my brain for years. It also involves Sherlock Holmes and is fabulous. Though unwritten :-(

Also, mostly unformed fic for [ profile] musesfool's birthday in a month. Anyone else desiring of drabbles to celebrate or entertain? Let me know, my fandom's are mostly the above with a smattering of HP.

Of course, most of this will should come after finishing my curriculum unit due Tuesday. Along with not playing with my original fiction as well. But will it? Doubtful... XD
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It kind of weirds me out that my last post here was me ranting about the movie adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time. huh. Why I haven't written since then is beyond me, actually. I mean, I've been busy with school-type things and being in CT and then NYC and how that always stresses me out, like I must equaly parcel out the time between the two evenly. Though, clearly, I must just stop feeling guilty that I'm one place and not the other.

So, in a effort to create cheer (especially as lots of people I know have had a BAAAAD week. Fortunately not so much me) I bring you: a link, a fic, and a book.

The Link:
Pandora, from the Music Genome Project is one of the coolest websites I've seen in a long time. Did you ever s it there while listening to a song you liked and think "wouldn't it be great to listen to other music like this?" Well, now you can. You tell them a particular song or artist, and they will compile (from their database of over 300,000 songs from more than 10,000 artists) music that shares commonalities in chord structure, tone, melody, etc. And then make a little radio station of it for you. Great for discovering new artists or links between old ones.

The Fic:
The Way Around, the Way Through (HP/Firefly; Remus, River, G) by [ profile] musesfool. It's her most recent fic that works with these two lovely fandoms in a crossover (if you haven't go read A Million Light Years From Home, which is heartbreakingly gorgeous as well) and really nails both River's voice and Remus. Not really happyfic, but hopeful towards the end.

The Book:
Summerland by Michael Chabon tells the story of Ethan Feld, the worst little league ballplayer in the history of Clam Island, Washington. This tragedy is compounded by the fact that on Clam Island, baseball is a way of life, aided by the fact that the tip of the island is perpetually sunny all summer long (the locals call it Summerland). Yet rain has started to fall in Summerland, and Ethan joins a ridiculously fantastical group of almost-heroes (including a female Sasquatch and a ferisher, or fairy) to save all the worlds from the terrible Coyote. While this is a book for young readers, I'm really enjoying the mix of cultural history, baseball legends and fantasy that Chabon is creating. I haven't finished it yet, but I definitely recommend picking it up and giving it a shot (I borrowed it from the library).

[ profile] alemara, I should be done with your chapter by tonight, so I will send it along, yes? And I most likely will get to help edit Younger Sister's thesis as well, as it's due tomorrow. Yikes.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine (if you're on my part of the globe, that is).
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Summer Glau is a victim's roommmate on CSI! This makes my night. That and the bath I just took. It'd been too long: I'd forgotten how wonderful baths can be. No matter where I live in the future, it'd be WONDERFUL to have a bath tub. Now if they only made one where all of one's body fit. *looks balefully at knees still poking out of the water*

Now, to be productive (schoolwork) or be "productive" (fics, etc.) Such a decision... ;o)

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Hey, fans of Shakespeare and Laurence Olivier: Hamlet is playing on Turner Classic Movies RIGHT THIS SECOND. I'd forgotten how weird that movie is, and how interesting the staging/framing of shots are. Hours of discussion and explication at your fingertips. Oh, for Methods again, when we spend whole class periods discussing the musical score as a blend of "Ophelia's theme" and Hamlet's weird orchestral stuff. Good times. Not to mention that our first shot of Claudius is superimposed on the MARRIAGE BED. woah.

A day of no class, which is quite excellent as a break between the interactive quality of Monday night and the wholly cerebral discussions of Wednesday's langauge policy. And tomorrow we have a math study group! How high school of us. I want to bring brownies. :o)

I talked to Mom this morning and I've bitten the proverbial bullet, or some other cliche: Next two weeks I'm house-sitting again. It'll be fun, I get a lot of work done at home (and laundry), the commute is a kiler. Especially Mon/Thurs, as class til 9 means I get home at 11:30. But I get to hang with the doggie! And help my parents. Which is excellent.

I'm in the middle of The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. Really interesting book. I've also just remembered that Cornelia Funke's Inkspell is out! Definitely my next purchase (though I should probably wait until I'm finished with something else I'm reading, otherwise I'll just be in the midst of five books and finish nothing).

Totally random, but two nights ago I had a dream with the cast of Rent (where we singing? I don't remember, but probably) and then the entirity of Firefly. Last night? I met Jon Stewart in my sleep. He hit on my sister. He was really nice. This is what happens when I watch Playing by Heart, I fall in love with Jon Stewart. Again.

Off to dunk my head in some water, because my hair is doing a sort of "mad scientist" look and needs some help. Cheers!
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So it turns out my parents aren't going away, which lets me off the hook for dog-sitting. Unless they change their mind. They're like that. At least it means that I get to eat Mom-cooked food, as opposed to the random culinary experiments I concoct that never work out quite right. Seriously, who would have thought I could screw up rice? I don't get it.

My room at the moment is an absolute disaster area, presents from multiple gift-events sitting all over the place and starting to mix with random crap and dirty clothes. Tomorrow is a day for cleaning, if I can ever get myself out of bed at a decent hour. Which means that going to bed at 3am is no good. This is a bad pattern that I've created. Damn.

But my bed is so comfy. And I have bizzarely coherent dreams which my brain likes to treat like a book I'm reading ("no, we'll wake up later, I think we're getting to the good part. Only five more pages minutes, really..."). It's odd. But amusing, at least.

Tonight I watched Blade: Trinity with my parents. A little silly, but the snark really amused me. And how much does Ryan Reynolds remind me of Jason Lee? It's odd. Although, interesting coincidence, as I was writing what song I'm listening to, I remembered that Ryan is engaged to Alanis. So there, bizzarity of the night. Also tried to introduce them to Firefly; Dad kept going "twang twang..." everytime the music came back in. They'll warm up eventually. They think Wash is funny, at least. And Mal. They think Simon needs acting lessons. *cackle*

Oooh, and I changed my layout a bit. What do you think?

Hope all is well around my list of friends. Cheers!
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Clearly, the marathon of Firefly today was totally in my honor. *nods decisively* Mommy made stew! I LOVE stew. And I have new pants and a sweater and some underwear. And I haven't opened my "official" presents yet. Booyah.

Happy Birthday Me :o)


Oct. 2nd, 2005 10:13 pm
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If you haven't been to the "icon maker" website and, like me, have no artsy software or photoshop, it's amazing. 'Swhere I made the icon (also, I love that you can Google "blood spatter") in a love of Serenity goodness. 'Aim to Misbehave' would work well there too. Feel free to take, just at least put "created with [info]lechatron's El Jay icon maker:" in the comments. Crediting me is great too.

I'm working on more fic (especially of the Rent variety) and so I'll keep you posted. Cheers!
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One of the downsides of living in New York City is that things are so freakin' expensive. Granted, the upside is that if you don't want to spend money, there's usually a whole load of things to do, but when you want to do something that shouldn't cost "too much", it always costs way more 'cause it's in the City. For example, when did movie tickets get so expensive! I swear.

Last night I went out with [ profile] rhymester and her boyfriend to see Mirrormask and then we caught Serenity. Both were awesome in understandably different ways, as they told very different kinds of stories. Without giving anything away, here are some thoughts:

Mirrormask, I've been told, was a deliberate remaking/reworking of Labyrinth with David Bowie*. It holds up well as its own story, and the combination of the script and the artwork and the music is quite breathtaking. I also thought that the main casting worked really, really well. It's in limited release right now, but if you can, go see it. Or come up here and see it. Whichever *grin*

Serenity was a film I've been looking forward to in a vague sort of way; the 'vague' only because while I'm not a rabid fan of Joss Whedon's Firefly series on which it's based**, it looked really interesting and I wanted to know/see more about them (due to Milliways' plots, if nothing else). So I went as not quite a Fan, but aware of the plotlines. And I thought it worked really well. It was great to see the show's cast and plots able to stretch and fill a big screen, and man, I really like that Joss Whedon is very focused on telling the true story, rather than what the audience would want to happen, necessarily. He's not catering to people: what happens is very true to the characters and the circumstances. Go see it. If you like sci-fi movies, or geeky geeky fun, go now :o)

So now I am fully tired-out and took a nap all day. Now it's time for dinner! Mmmm, salad and stuff. Ooh, see my new Sandman moodtheme. Isn't it pretty?


*If you haven't seen this movie, you're really missing out. Yes, it's campy (and David Bowie's pants shrink alarmingly throughout the film) but there are Jim Hensen muppets! And 13-hour clocks! And David Bowie can juggle glass balls! It's FUN!

**This is mostly due to the fact that I keep forgetting that Firefly is on, and so I should watch it. Absent-minded a lot, me.


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