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So, a million years ago, I was thoroughly obsessed with the tv show Without a Trace. I was looking through my show tag (oh, the nostalgia of looking back at what and how I wrote in my livejournal back in the day) and was struck again with how much I enjoyed the two of them. Of course, the show itself was mostly concerned either solving the case of the day or the Jack Angst show (periodically with the Jack and Sam show, or the Martin and Sam show...) but what I always appreciate about fandom is that we can take and improve upon it, giving them more background and plot and sex :)

Back in the day, I had claimed Danny/Martin for crossovers 100 (remember when those kind of comms were all the rage? Oh, fanfic100, all the feels) and had written out several different scenarios where the pair could pop up. I still hold out high hopes for my CSI and Without a Trace backstory crossover... but regardless. I knew this one could work, and scribbled out part of it sitting in a New York city coffee shop. 9 years later, I am posting it outside a Palo Alto coffee shop. I like the parallel.

Title: Second Steps
Fandom: Without a Trace, Rent the musical
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Danny/Martin, Mark/Roger
Summary: Post-The Road Home. Sometimes second steps are even harder. But there are things that make them easier.
Warnings (highlight to read): drug use, relapse/withdrawal recovery, mention of harm to children (non-graphic)
Notes: So I wrote a good chunk of this back in (checks) 2006. Without a Trace was still a show, still a fandom, and I always meant to finish the story. Cut to 9 years later; I was digging around in my unfinished fics and was hit with nostalgia of Danny and Martin, their friendship and the relationship that so many of us had shipped. So I had to finish this and share it.


Second Steps )
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* I (finally!) made shortbread and they are delicious and yummy and I have to remember to box them before bed otherwise they will be less awesome tomorrow, haha.

* I watched RENT: filmed Live on Broadway! and it's a little wiggly with the camera motions which cuts down on the scope of the stage, but it still kind of gets me every time. *sniff* Will have to post more comprehensive thoughts about that when I'm not exhausted.

* I posted my short fic of Reid and Morgan and Prentiss bickering over coffee and dorky scientific theory (gotta love WikiAnswers) to [ profile] bau_fic, which will hopefully help motivate me to finish my Minimal Loss tag that will probably stay Morgan/Reid, or at the very least pre-slash. Get on that! Also, get on watching the last lots of episodes, sheesh.

* Started going to Frisbee again on the weekend and it's been tons of fun. New people to meet and old friends to hang out, what's not to like?

I have a headache (ow) so am off to bed. Night, all!
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I sort of wanted to post something profound and thinky due to the date, but the truth is that it didn't touch my life in any way close to the way it affected others, so I'll just let it go, shall I? It's strange to think that most of the kids I teach (almost all of the kids I teach) don't have any independent memories of 9/11, though.

Frisbee was lovely, in that "running off stress" sort of way. I wish there'd been a little more sitting and hanging out time, but still, fun. I am off to NYC tomorrow night late to be in town for [ profile] rhymester's Thingy, and will also get the chance to see [ profile] capedcrusader92, [ profile] alemara, [ profile] kumquat_queen, MusicJunkie, Playwright!Twin, and EDD :o) Maybe even some grad school kids. [ profile] alichacco, any way you'd be up for a quick coffee or something either Sat. or Sun. afternoon? I wish I could be there longer, but I'm luck to get to go as it is; we are in prime packing/moving mode, with a side of "Finish Dad's book and mail it out". I got to send a box to England today, though, which makes me feel very international. XD

Still, in all the stress, I bought a ticket to this (FYI, it will try to start cheerfully blasting "No Day But Today" kind of loudly, so mute your computer first), which makes everything a little bit better. :o)
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Just when you thought I would never write in this fandom again, I wrote another RENT story. I'll wait for our gasps of surprise to subside. It's not exactly the happiest story ever (not hard with a bleak-but-hopeful source-canon) but I think still gestures towards something better.

Title: Names Under Which They Now Go
Fandom: RENT
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Mark, Roger, Collins, mentions of the rest
Word Count:: 1,340
Summary: It would be easy and nice to say that they lived happily every after once Mimi came back, all smooth resolution and fade to black, but this wasn’t that kind of a story.
Disclaimer: Thank you, Jonathan Larson. Title altered from “All Return Again” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It would be easy and nice to say that they lived happily every after once Mimi came back, all smooth resolution and fade to black, but this wasn’t that kind of a story. )
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Honestly, sometimes it seem that all I do is find lovely, hot, sexy fic on the 'net. So, I bring you two, because... I love you? Or think pr0n must be shared? Or something:

Deriving the Prime by Rageprufrock, House, House/Wilson/Cuddy. It's lovelyand amusingly snarky and so true to the characters.

Send Me Reeling by Gildedmuse, RENT, Mark/Roger/OMC. It just makes sense, and is full of sloppy, excellent emotion. So lovely. Mmm.

So go forth and melt in a puddle of good.
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For my own reference (and so people can poke me to finish these if they are intrigued) here are some plot bunnies in my head in varying stages of completion:

Posse Comitatus - a Firefly (caper?) fic for [ profile] musesfool's Firefly-West Wing Title Challenge, which you should totally check out and do if you are aching to write some Firefly fic. Basically, the title of your piece comes from a West Wing episode. Easy peasey, huh?

Second Steps - WaT/RENT crossover, Danny/Martin, Mark/Roger. It has form! Just needs to be written.

Freak - Due South, Fraiser(/?)Kowalski, Elaine. A sort of AU take on who Frasier meets upon first arriving in Chicago. Oddly enough, this grew out of a dream I had one night. Yes, I dream about tv shows. So there. :-p

Straight Flush - WaT/CSI:LV, D/M, W/D, W/N. I really want to write this. Must find time for the CRACK.

RENT fic for the "New Years" prompt at [ profile] fanfic100.

Audiovisual - Short WaT one-shot Danny/Martin (duh)

Elementary - Hlots/XFiles/Due South lots of speculative pairings. OMG this fic has been in my brain for years. It also involves Sherlock Holmes and is fabulous. Though unwritten :-(

Also, mostly unformed fic for [ profile] musesfool's birthday in a month. Anyone else desiring of drabbles to celebrate or entertain? Let me know, my fandom's are mostly the above with a smattering of HP.

Of course, most of this will should come after finishing my curriculum unit due Tuesday. Along with not playing with my original fiction as well. But will it? Doubtful... XD
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...and this totally doesn't count. But I am alive. And doing things. Of the thing nature. Mostly this is to gratuitously show you the Mark/Mimi/Roger icon. Mmmmmm, the possibilities... XD

OMG had a plot bunny for WaT/Rent this morning (in which I was actually awake). wtf brain. *files that next to wtf WaT/CSI bunny, to the left of the amazing V for Vendetta/Harry Potter fic simmering somewhere... somehow*
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The snowstorm (apparently named Doreen, which is cute) stopped, even though it snowed long enough so that I couldn't go to class last night. First, kiddie lit was cancelled and the roads were still too snowy and icy for me to commute into the city and guarantee that Ziggy could drive. As it were.

Moments of import:

- ran into [ profile] sweetobscenity on the bus from school. We decided that we must hang out soon. Yes.
*nods decisively*

- ran into Ms. D, my grade school math teacher, in the grocery store. That was amusingly bizzare.

- [ profile] rhymester got into Med School! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! She can go to school in the city! Twice! Or somthing. Wheeeeee!!!

- [ profile] pondjumper got into BU! She can go be in Biologist!Twin's city! Huzzah! My friends are so talented! *claps and bounces*

- And [ profile] alemara has an interview with Pomfret. w00t.

- Talked with my LSS professor and it's official: my final project? Discussing language identity and attitudes... in HAWAII. Booyah Spring Break ;o)

Also, less seriously but still importantly, [ profile] rhymester and I watched RENT on DVD. Favorite moments include:
**Deciding that poor Mimi should really complain to Roger that he always tells her to leave him alone, then chases her away, singing.
**Our new favorite phrase: "Roger and Mark are best friends and boymates." 'Cause boymates should totally be the term, a mix of boyfriends and roommates. *snerk*
**Being sad about Taye Diggs: so hot, so talented, so rarely in the movie.
**And, you know, just random RENTish glee.

House-sitting for my parents (again), which is nice, although apparently the guy who plows the driveway decided that I should get to choose whether he plowed or not. Mean to call me at 9am and ask me that, while I'm still half-asleep. Thus, there is still snow in our driveway. It's so distressing. Although fortunately it's sunny, so melting might help.

To tangentially conclude: OMG doesn't Kiefer Sutherland have the most sexy voice EVER? There was just a commercial for a 24 video game and just... guh. His voice is lovely. Gravely and thick and pure sex. Mmmm.

Suppose I should do some homework now: a journal entry won't write itself. Cheers!
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I've been working on this for too long, so I thought I'd gut it out and get the rest in. Just in time before I sign up for RemixRedux, huzzah. I've always been intrigued by Mark and Roger (duh), but especially in the staging of "Rent". Have you seen how close they stand to each other? Unresolved sexual tension, much? OTP? Well... yes. Thus, this fic was born. Hope you enjoy it, comments are LOVELY, and have a great night!

Title: Im/Ex Plosion
Fandom: RENT
Characters: Mark and Roger
Word Count: 1,379
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing and perhaps UST
Author’s Notes: Mark and Roger both deal with stress in different ways. Or do they?
Disclaimer: RENT and all its characters belongs to Jonathan Larson’s estate, first and foremost. This story was made for entertainment, not profit. Enjoy!

Roger couldn't remember a time before Mark, before the piles of rejected scripts and half-edited rolls of film cluttered the loft )
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Hey, fans of Shakespeare and Laurence Olivier: Hamlet is playing on Turner Classic Movies RIGHT THIS SECOND. I'd forgotten how weird that movie is, and how interesting the staging/framing of shots are. Hours of discussion and explication at your fingertips. Oh, for Methods again, when we spend whole class periods discussing the musical score as a blend of "Ophelia's theme" and Hamlet's weird orchestral stuff. Good times. Not to mention that our first shot of Claudius is superimposed on the MARRIAGE BED. woah.

A day of no class, which is quite excellent as a break between the interactive quality of Monday night and the wholly cerebral discussions of Wednesday's langauge policy. And tomorrow we have a math study group! How high school of us. I want to bring brownies. :o)

I talked to Mom this morning and I've bitten the proverbial bullet, or some other cliche: Next two weeks I'm house-sitting again. It'll be fun, I get a lot of work done at home (and laundry), the commute is a kiler. Especially Mon/Thurs, as class til 9 means I get home at 11:30. But I get to hang with the doggie! And help my parents. Which is excellent.

I'm in the middle of The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman. Really interesting book. I've also just remembered that Cornelia Funke's Inkspell is out! Definitely my next purchase (though I should probably wait until I'm finished with something else I'm reading, otherwise I'll just be in the midst of five books and finish nothing).

Totally random, but two nights ago I had a dream with the cast of Rent (where we singing? I don't remember, but probably) and then the entirity of Firefly. Last night? I met Jon Stewart in my sleep. He hit on my sister. He was really nice. This is what happens when I watch Playing by Heart, I fall in love with Jon Stewart. Again.

Off to dunk my head in some water, because my hair is doing a sort of "mad scientist" look and needs some help. Cheers!
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Younger Sister is home! I have more shampoo! And there's a Law & Order/Homicide crossover tonight!And... there was stew. Yum. All in all, a very good day. Perhaps tomorrow I'll actually be up for more of the day than the night (it's a problem, working on it). Now if I could just get out and return my movies... which are late. Damn.

In more hilarity, Lee Turgeson (who was Beecher on Oz and a blind cop on Homicide) was a grieving parent on CSI. I swear, why is it always the same 10 actors in all of these shows. It's bizzare. between that and an Anthony Rapp sighting on SVU a couple day ago, gotta love tv :o)

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Okay, so in the midst of writing the last fic, I really wanted to reference Muppet Christmas Carol. But it never quite made it in there (damn those boys, too busy kissing). So this teensy tiny fic was born. Extra points if you noticed it before I wrote this post. :o)

Title: Secrets
Rating: G, with a hearty does of omg a little stupid
Prompt: 77 (What?)
Word Count: 109

There's magic in the air today that's good for everyone... )
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More Mark/Roger RENT!fic, huzzah. Cross-posted at [ profile] fanfic100, [ profile] fuckingartists and [ profile] below14thstreet. Hope you like it; let me know! Cheers!

Title: After All There’s Only One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas
Fandom: RENT
Characters: Mark and Roger
Prompt: 92 (Christmas)
Word Count: 1,030
Rating: R
Author’s Notes: Hanging Christmas lights is way harder than it looks. More interesting, too.
Disclaimer: The characters and the musical of RENT belong to Jonathan Larson’s estate, first and foremost. This story was written for entertainment and not profit. Enjoy!

Mark clutched several strands of multicolored lights that he’d spent the past two hours untangling. Roger hadn’t helped, unless you count not laughing too loudly when Mark got caught in a bad tangle and fell as helping. )
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Happy Christmassy holiday type greetings, everyone! I trust all had a happy New Year and such? I hope so. I had what might have been the most fun New Years of my life this weekend. The apartment was overrun by six of my friends (plus one of their boyfriends at some points) and we had TONS of fun. I miss the feeling of hanging out with lots of people that you know well and are perfectly comfortable around. What with all the closeness that comes from four years of college and the dependency of close-quarters theatrical living, being together in a large group and enjoying ourselves is extremely easy. The hightlights:

*the decision that we needed to learn the entirity of Auld Lang Syne WITH THE SCOTTISH VERSES so that we could sing it at midnight. And then practicing it. Several times. LOUDLY.

*dinner at Joe Jrs. Diner (whose name gave us a good five-minute reminiscence of Sandra Bullock's landlord's son in While You Were Sleeping) and being flirted with by several workers, which scored us free soup samples and apple pie with ice cream. Not to mention amused looks as seven of us crammed into a booth.

*Drinks and dancing at Beauty Bar, who had a great deal of $15 dollar cover getting you a drink and champagne at midnight. Thusly, I consumed the following: a quasi-Dirty Girl Scout (we were missing the vodka), a lemon drop shot, a gin 'n tonic, and two vodka with cranberry (my new favorite). All between 10 and midnight. Needless to say, 1am brought us to the

*Infamous Parking Meter Incident of Aught 6: Director and I both clinging rather dizzily to the parking meter outside, neither of us ever sick, but still not willing to move on our own. Despite the large quantity of alcohol, we seriously discussed both how great it was to use the parking meter as leaning post, and how RIDICULOUS we must look. Good times.

*[ profile] darkbluelizards "smuggling" me a glass of ice water. The bouncer following and checking to make sure I was okay and giving me tips on feeling better.

*Same bouncer looking really happy that I recovered enough later to come back inside and dance. He was a big fan of all of us, I feel.

*Dancing. I forgot I love dancing. Must do more of that.

*Having lots of good snuggly time with my friends. I love my friends a lot. And of course getting to approve of Biologist!Twin's boyfriend. Well done there. And English Major's boy as well, by long distance. Well done indeed *smirk*

I hope to start a Rentfic tonight(ish) and will hopefully post it in a day or two at the latest. There's one waiting for me on my computer back at my parents (didn't feel like bringing it back to NYC with me yet, v. heavy). Huzzah. So the real question: should I go for the "Christmas" or the "New Year" prompt? Decisions, decisions...

Aaand, apparently my stomach has decided I should be done with this entry and go lie down. Bad anxiety, no cookie for you!

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A sort of Christmas present: here are some fics that are kind of random, but I think people might enjoy. Bizzare pairings and fandoms abound. All are at least R-rated and even more are NC-17, I think. Sorry?

7 Stories to Stimulate the Senses )
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Because I'm lame, and sort of forgot to post about Christmas (or even before it): the transit strike ended, which was great. All in all, it wasn't terrible, just hard to get between the apartment and school. For Chrismas, we had the infrequent occurrence of the entire family: both older sisters, older brother, younger sister, friend of one sister and husband of another. Whew. Great fun.

At the moment, we're still relaxing from the present-haul this morning (all I can say shortly is that my parents will be introduced to Firefly shortly. Glee.) My goals for the next bit are as follows:

reclaim my room from older sister with husband (and dog)
finish a Rent!fic, for the love of G-, Sa-, someone. Perhaps I will cookie later.

And to entertain, a day late: Rent intro

We begin on Christmas Eve... )
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Support World AIDS Day

While watching E!, there was a commercial about World AIDS day and how it's something that everyone should support. This is extremely important cause (and thus I now have a virtual red ribbon as I didn't have a real one). But the high point? The people giving the commercial was the movie cast from RENT. *sigh* It made me happy, especially seeing Adam Pascal with short hair once again. I think it just creeps me out how much RENTmovie!Adam looks like Bon Jovi, hair-wise. I mean, dude, it bounces like a bad L'oreal commerical!

Emily-the-cat seems to be feeling better; when I got back from class he met me at the door and at present is sitting on the couch. This is an improvement. *metaphorically snuggles cat, as does not want to hurt him by real snuggling*

Aaaaand, I got back a paper from class today and I did really well. Huzzah!

Off to find some dinner-type things and do some homework! Cheers!
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I have a new mood theme. Yes, I know, I do that a lot. But this one's a keeper. It's RENT, baby! And it works (finally). Should not do this at 1am, I keep making silly mistakes. And also, you know it's time for bed when...

...while uploading the pictures, the random descriptive words start to make some sort of narrative sense ("oh yes, see, first you're ditzy, then you're drained 'cause you're tired of being ditzy...")

O. M. G. wtf, me?


As you have probably started to notice, I like RENT perhaps a bit too much. Apologies?

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I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, retroactively. Or, if that's not your thing, that you enjoyed have a day off from work/school/etc.

It was lovely lovely to be home with my parents and the pets, and to see my Younger Sister (who I saw at 3am the night before in NYC, but that's a longer story) as well as to hang with Playwright!Twin and Biologist!Twin at my house. Sadly, the hanging out had to end yesterday, as they went city-ward and I tried to reconcile myself to the fact that I have approximately 70 pages to read in my developmental psych book, not to mention probably 20 pages of papers to write, before finals week. If they still call it that in grad school. Ew.

On the plus side, I saw Harry Potter again this weekend, and will be seeing RENT with [ profile] rhymester tomorrow, with all luck. We should try and get the whole high school crowd together and go see the movie. [ profile] sweet_obscenity? [ profile] capedcrusader92? [ profile] kumquat_queen? You up for it? I had almost forgotten how formative Rent was for high school. Frightening thought, really... does explain the heavy amount of Rent-based fanfic I write, though.

Hope all is well with everyone. I'll probably stick around with my parents tomorrow and head back into the city on Tuesday (boo class). Try and stay warm, kiddies, it's been cold lately :o) Cheers!
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Here 'tis. Clearly, instead of writing my paper, I should just write more fic. *facepalm* Enjoy!

If you want a link to my Big Damn Table, from [ profile] fanfic100, it's here.

Fake-cut to RENT-ish goodness!

*cross-linked in [ profile] fuckingartists*


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