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So if you've never seen the DJ Earworm mashups of the Top 25 Pop Hits (according to Billboard), they're pretty awesome.

Compiling them here for ease of finding.

United States of Pop 2008: Viva La Pop

United States of Pop 2009: Blame it on the Pop

United States of Pop 2010: Don't Stop the Pop
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Hi everybody, so I was wandering around AAO3, like you do, adding in old fics and fibrillating about my Yuletide sign-up and I found that someone had pod booked the entirety of my Elementary!verse AU where John teaches 2nd grade and Rodney is a college professor and they are all kinds of adorable together.

So if you are looking for an hour of adorableness to listen to, go download the podbook here, and marvel at the awesomeness of [ profile] winkingstar, [ profile] rhea314 and [ profile] bessyboo!

Aww, man, it's been too long since I've thought of those stories. Makes me want to brush off the almost-finished story in that 'verse that I've had kicking around forever and finally post it. Hey, it could happen.

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Anyone have the Original Broadway cast (or any other, but I think that's the only recording in existence) for the musical Wicked? I saw it here in San Francisco last week (and it was amazing) and have had the songs stuck in my head in that way where it's sort of mindless noise because I don't know all the words.

If anyone felt like being awesome and uploading it so I could get my hands on it, that'd be all sorts of awesome.

I will have to console myself with either Sweeney Todd or Mary Poppins, in the meantime. Which is an odd pairing, let me tell you...
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Okay, so a while ago I was hit with the idea that the Taylor Swift song You Belong with Me (warning, the link sings) is totally a Hotch/Rossi song, where Rossi is lamenting that Hotch is always stuck on the phone with Haley, and Haley is complainy and why doesn't Hotch notice that Rossi has always been there for him in blond pigtails? Seriously, it cracks me up and I can totally see this as a fanvid (you know that there are way too many good shots of Thomas Gibson for "he has a smile that can light up the whole town")

Add to this the fact that I woke up this morning from a dream in which Reid (and the gang) were all on either Top Chef or Project Runway (which reminds me that if you haven't read John Sheppard's Guide to Surviving Project Runway it is amazing and hilarious and you should) and poor Reid was having some kind of crisis and talking on the phone to Prentiss.


So that's the state of my brain right now. How's with yours? Also, summer camp started and my campers are hilarious and nice and I just hope I can think of a whole bunch of things to do with them! :o)
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Does anyone have a copy of the Original Broadway recording of Guys and Dolls (ie the one with Nathan Lane singing Nathan Detroit) that they could not so subtly send my way? The CD I have, through many years of wear and tear, has become uplayable past the middle, which is really distressing. So I thought I'd ask before I go shelling out more money.

I would be totally amendable to a cd "sent" (electronically) in return, or a mix playlist of your choosing :o)

It's nice to have some days when I know that I can't be called to teach... because schooooooooool's out for SUMMER! *air guitar*
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Or, in other words, if anyone has the soundtrack to Mamma Mia. I would love to... procure it. Because I re-watched the movie over the weekend and, as silly as James Bond Remington Steele Pierce Brosnan* singing is... the songs have been stuck in my head. So pretty please?

Goals for the day include churning out my last (LAST!) project for online credentialing to teach English Language learners in California. Barring paperwork and more money, because that's the way the state rolls. Still, good thing to have. Not that there are spare teaching jobs, of course, because CA is pink slipping people like crazy, but a girl can dream :o)

Secondary goals include cleaning my room like woah. I mean, seriously.

*It makes me sad that Colin Firth, who can sing, gets way less voice-time. Not that he's not perfect for his role, but still.
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So, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (oh lord, oh and if you are doing it to, be my writing buddy!) and then today upped the writing anty even further by signing up for Yuletide. At least they're not at the same time?

I've decided (and thank you for voting!) that I am going to use NaNo to work on BenCharlieMattWillSam (which has a kind of clunky title that might get killed off, here's hoping) and, along the way perhaps put together some Elementary!verse stories (it's about time for report cards, you know... I also had this great mental image of John and Rodney at the library, John merrily wandering around muttering to himself about the Dewey decimal system). It's a little bit cheating because I'm starting with an already begun story and I already had about 2,000 words that I'd put in my word count if I think it'd make me feel like even more of a cheater.

I have achieved a whole lot of furniture in my room, today I should perhaps start sorting through the random bits of crap that I've accumulated on my desk (because it's too small to figure out where else it should go). Also, hook up the printer.

In other news, have been listening to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade basically on repeat in my car on the way to and from work. It is so good. So good, and lovely to sing along to and I lovelovelove how the slower songs are spaced around those that really rock out and "The Sharpest Lives" leads to "Welcome to the Black Parade" and time signatures are just on crack and awesome.

It is very rainy today, and prompted me to go look for "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" but no online video helped me out. Except for giving me "Heffalumps and Woozles" which I mostly find disturbing and way too similar to the "Pink Elephants on Parade" scene from Dumbo (which scared the heck out of me at like age 6). So, sadness.

Clearly means it is time for some Criminal Minds (oh, Special Agent Morgan is so pretty, and I feel like Reid would get along with Zach from Bones in an amusingly awkward way. Now there's a fic worth writing. Any good Bones/CM crossovers, guys? There has to be.) and a snack.

Enjoy your Mondays, everyone!
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A friend posted this, and so I thought that others might need reminding. Because, overall, life's pretty good right now. :o)

Everything I Need, Melissa Ferrick )
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I should have gone to bed, but I've been doing a little work (and a lot of fanfic reading, bad me) and mostly I'm just happy that I'm not sick anymore. Not that I haven't been better from the flu for a while, but it's nice. Even though I'm drowning in schoolwork up to my eyes, life is pretty good. So remember that. And to help, here's track titles of the ginormous playlist I made on Wednesday night. Any tracks you want, let me know.

So, to sum up, smile. It won't mess up your hair. :o)

Long Mix of Endless Happy )

Oh, and I so need to be watching SG:A. John Sheppard is so pretty. *swoons*
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I was sitting in the coffee shop this morning and they started playing Stan Rogers. They played "Barrett's Privateers", the live version (which is almost better, because the audience sings the chorus once without him and it's great). And it's 47 degrees outside and it feels like spring is coming (even though I know it's just trying to fool me) and I have no class today OR tomorrow and things are stressful but apparently containable at present. I think I'll go for a walk.

In the same vein of cheerful things, here's a link to Great Big Sea's version of When I'm Up which is great and bouncy (and live!)

Enjoy! *goes off to lace up running shoes*
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I hadn't gone out to run (for a given definition of "run", of course) in way too long, so I sucked it up, put on my sweatshirt and hat, and did it.

The end result? 2.3 miles (not as far as last time with [ profile] rhymester) but I ran lots. I would give you a time estimate, but afterwards I went to the grocery store, so I didn't check my watch. But still! Exercise! Whee!

Also, I've been listening obsessively to.... another Wizard Rock band, The Mudbloods. I mean, seriously (how tempted was I to make that Siriusly.... wow, dork me) listen to "Ode to Broom" and tell me it doesn't remind you of early Weezer (like the harmony in the middle of "Holiday"). Or "Freedom is Only a Hippogriff Away" is eeriely similar to Guster songs, like "Demons". Good fun.

Okay, off to take a shower and then again be productive :o)
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Oh. wow. Vienna Teng? Is playing on the Lower East side tomorrow night. For $15. This is beyond amazing. I will have to ponder that mightily... because I know that it's not a factor of watching Supernatural (as addicting as my boys are, helpful people post the episodes online, so I won't miss it), but instead knowing that I might be DEAD tired tomorrow. I also feel stuffy and sniffly... boo. Still, 15 bucks for the chance to maybe hear "Harbour"... live. I think it has to be done.

Not that I'm not dead tired right now, and didn't yawn throughout school today. What are you talking about XD But the kids were good, and they gleefully filled out 100s charts (100 squares of all the numbers) which is hysterical in its simplicity. And they were dead silent. Good times. *does dance of "huzzah quiet kiddies"*

Annnnnd.. I really need to go churn out a reading response for tomorrow, no matter what else I decide :o)
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Maybe it's because one of my good friends is getting married tomorrow (Congratulations, Amy and John!) or because it felt right, or because these songs just give me a happy, warm feeling inside. Regardless, pretties for you all! Perhaps you have these songs, as they're not exactly unknown, but if you don't and want, please feel free! Comment if you do, just so's I know.

Some say love is like a flower... )
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I should be sleeping, but OMG I LOVE this song.

The book of love is long and boring
No one can lift the damn thing
It's full of charts and facts and figures and instructions for dancing
But I
I love it when you read to me
And you
You can read me anything
The book of love has music in it
In fact that's where music comes from
Some of it is just transcendental
Some of it is just really dumb
But I
I love it when you sing to me
And you
You can sing me anything
The book of love is long and boring
And written very long ago
It's full of flowers and heart-shaped boxes
And things we're all too young to know
But I
I love it when you give me things
And you
You ought to give me wedding rings
And I
I love it when you give me things
And you
You ought to give me wedding rings
And I
I love it when you give me things
And you
You ought to give me wedding rings
You ought to give me wedding rings
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I've decided that Jersey Boys is one of the most fabulous things ever. I've been listening over and over to to the cast recording and it's gorgeous. Part of it is knowing that I saw these same guys not that long ago (and I really want to go again now, must do that *plots*) and they were phenomenal and modest and adorable and handsome (did I mention the handsome?) and "Who Loves You?" is the best song ever and I love that they have the Jersey accents until you talk to one of them and he sounds perfectly unaccenty and you just... boggle at him. And they sign your programs. On themselves. It's adorable.

So, if you can, go see Jersey Boys. It's a great time and fast-paced (and musical, duh) and they have student rush and standing room--which totally isn't as bad as you'd think, you barely notice because you're bopping around to "Walk Like a Man" or something--for only 20 or so bucks, so GO. If you can. And, if not, go listen to this cd. It'll make any day better. Trust me. Hard to be upset about much of anything when you're listening to a grown man sing 2 octaves above normal XD

Their website is here. And if you want the music, let me know and I'll slip some tracks over :o)
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It's amazing how productive a power outtage makes you. The power went out at a little after 8 (during dinner, Mom and Dad and I were about to watch Mr. and Mrs. Smith and then the loud and wet thunderstorm took away the power. So my parents went to bed, like they do, and I decided to putter around for a bit. I threw away some more crap, folded my laundry, and sorted some papers... all in the dark! Then, when the power came back on about an hour later, I did the dishes (such a good daughter, me) and then transferred most of my files and stuff from the computer (not mine, but I was using it) to this lovely thing that my parents gave me after dad needed a new computer (I don't even understand why he doesn't like this one, but hey, SWEET NEW COMPUTER!!!)

After so many years of using a PC, I'm finding the Apple a little confusing and different. The keyboard just feels funny, and I'm way too used to being able to double-click. I'd invest in a wireless mouse, but I like the touchpad, usually. We'll see how it goes after some time to get used to it.

Mostly? I'm so happy to have a cd drive again. I CAN PLAY DVDS *does a little dance* And these speakers are soooo much better than the other ones; I can actually HEAR my computer, it's shocking! :o) And right now I'm listening to the orginal recording of Sweeney Todd; I'm enjoying Angela Landsbury as Mrs. Lovette, but I'm missing Michael Cervaris (sp?) something awful. I guess I'll have to get that recording too; the way they sing in "A Little Priest" is absolutely priceless.

Okay, we'll see if I can go to bed early tonight (last night was a bust, as though I was in bed by 3, I couldn't fall asleep). My yawns make me hopeful.
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I'm sitting here listening to a few songs by The Who which I've just downloaded, and I'd forgotten how happy the opening of "Baba O'Riley" makes me, with the the funky synthesizer, then the piano, then the drums just WHAM. Great stuff.

Also makes me happy that on House, he rocks out to the opening, playing it on his desk. Oh, House, you are so geeky.

My goal for the next little bit is to work on a plan to clean my room. I just have so much stuff in there, from years and years of different schools and different likes and dislikes and stuff just not getting thrown away. So, it'll be a task. But I'm kind of looking forward to it. Besides, I still have the rest of The Secret of NIMH to watch, because clearly I am... seven. Yes.

And because I love icons almost as much as posting, yet another new one. XD
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That time again! The wonder that is the rec triad. I know you've been quivering in antici...pation. *grin* Don't lie. It's perfectly clear. So, anyway, to liven up your July days, I greatly recommend the following Rec Triad:


Someone, on some site, mentioned that they "had to read To Say Nothing of the Dog because someone had told them it was full of Peter Wimsey allusions". This stuck in my mind and so I picked it up due to a Six Degrees of Separation sort of thing. All Wimsey aside (no pun intended), it's a really fascinating sci-fi timetravelly fantasy thing, that reads a little like a Wildean romance written by Jasper Fforde. Now that's a description you don't see very often, huh? If you've ever wondered about the payoffs and problems in time travel, or if you are amused/entertained by Jeeves/Wooster type stories, pick this up.

Punk Academic by Hoyden. It's a Due South AU, Fraser/Kowalski, NC-17. Simply put, it casts Fraser as a new profesor in the English department of a Chicago university, with "Ray as an openly gay professor in his department and Stella as the headmistress". Yes, you read that correctly, but I swear it's a fabulous fic, as cracked out as that concept may sound. Some AUs thrust the characters into some situation and they lose all what made them that character (you know you've read them), but this one lets Ray and Fraser be exactly who they were... if they had been English professors. Also amusing because of the slightly cynical and sarcastic take on teaching it gives. I wish Ray had been one of my professors in college *swoon*


In honor of my renewed love of Ocean's 11, I give you A Little Less Conversation (A Little More Action) by Elvis Presley. OMG I love this song. Also, I am finding Paul Anka's swingy Big Band cover of Oasis' Wonderwall (you wouldn't think it would work) extremely appropriate for creating the correct mood for my O11 caper fic I am writing.


Wow, my sub-theme this time should be "You Wouldn't Think This Would Work/Be Good, But..."

Life continues apace, and I feel that clarity about the shape of the rest of my summer will surface soon. Maybe tomorrow. Which will also include the wonderful bizzarity that is Sweeney Todd with [ profile] rhymester and one of [ profile] alemara's friends. Joy! I shall attend the tale of Sweeney Todd! This should not amuse me so much...

Oh, and Due South-influence GIP. For those who know, it's from "You Must Remember This"when Fraser, Ray, Huey and Louis are playing poker... with matchsticks. Because Fraser would report them for gambling with real money. *snerk*


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