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About a million years ago, I had an idea for an SGA/Firefly fusion. And wrote up a whole rambly piece about what that would look like... and did nothing else. But there's still some... meat there, some energy that I could try to mine out.

So I'm posting it, in the hopes that it will continue to rocktumble (a term I stole from 
[personal profile] copperbadge, I fear, but totally accurate, a rolling and rocking and refining of a concept from dross to gold) and maybe even make somethign ficcish.

As an alternate fusion history, I think it's pretty awesome.

So I give you the backstory for the not!story (which I had tentatively called "Ending the Alphabet" after the
song by the Mountain Goats. Any thoughts (or pushes towards actual story-building) highly encouraged.

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Word on the street is that it's almost Remix season, which means it's time to start writing things to qualify in various fandoms. Pulling from last years list, does anyone have a prompt for me in the following fandoms? A prompt could be a paring, a phrase, a word! Let loose, guys!

Criminal Minds
due South
Hawaii Five-O (2010)
NCIS: Los Angeles
Sherlock Holmes (2009) (includes the bookverse)
Sherlock BBC
White Collar
X-Men (Movieverse)
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The meme seen all over:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.
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Seeing as I "helpfully" (er, I mean that ironically) linked either to my main journal or my page of fanfic (though I suppose that would be helpful so you could see what I write, and therefore what I might enjoy? Don't ask me to explain my logic, there was none) I will write this and leave it at the top of my journal and make a link from my fanfic page as well. My apologies. So, to begin...

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Specifics within )
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Happy April 1st, everyone! I could start this with lots of almost-convincing lies about my life in the circus and surprising new ability to read minds or something like that, but I will desist. I did get to have a lovely job interview last night for summer camp in which we had to do a skit... as surfer dudes. Duuuuuuude. It is April, which means that it is National Poetry Month (otherwise known as "Flyakate will attempt to post poem everyday and probably forget after the first three days") so I have a poem that I first found when writing 'Til Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown for [ profile] mcshep_match, which I also thought was an extremely successful story (modest much, I know).

Because it is April (which is almost like November) there is the Script Frenzy run by those awesome NaNoWriMo people. The challenge is to write 100 script pages for that hot new tv show/movie/play that you've had rumbling around in your head. With much of my creative non-fanfic brain caught up in the awesomeness of [ profile] isurrendered, I think I might give it a shot to write some historical crime-solving in 1871 (otherwise known as an episode or so of The Diogenes Boys) which will be lots of fun. 100 pages in 30 days isn't so bad; especially when the spacing of a screenplay for a tv show is so extensive. We'll see how it goes.

Finally, here is the promised poem:

The Otter Woman by Mary O'Malley

He stood and watched her from the shadows
And moved to steal her tears scattered on the river-bank.
Now he could take his time.
He smoked.

She was all warm animal following the river,
Trying her new skin like a glove.
He trailed her, magnetised by the power to transform
The occasional bliss on her face, her awakened body.
Once or twice she saw him.
Her instincts were trusting on land.
They smiled.
This took the whole summer.

He took her by a lake in autumn,
A sliced half moon and every star out.
The plough ready to bite the earth.

She left him on a street corner
With no choice and no glance back, spring and a bomber's moon.
In between their loosed demons
Played havoc in the town.


He pinned her to the ground, his element.
This was not what she came for
But what she got.
Soon the nap of her skin rose only for him.
It was too late to turn back.
She grew heavy out of water.

Indifferent to all but the old glory
He never asked why she always walked
By the shore, what she craved,
Why she never cried when every wave
Crescendoed like an orchestra of bones.

She stood again on the low bridge
The night of the full moon.
One sweet, deep breath and she slipped in
Where the river fills the sea.
She saw him clearly in the street light - his puzzlement.
Rid of him she let out
One low, strange cry for her human sacrifice,
For the death of love,
For the treacherous undertow of the tribe,
And dived, less marvellous forever in her element.
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I am reposting this with more information, because I know of lots of you who read this who might be interested.

Remix VIII (where you are given a story and get to mess with it and twist it around and make it fascinating in a totally different way) has opened its sign-ups (go here for more details).

I would love fic prompts to help me become "qualified" in some of the fandoms (at least 5 500+ stories or 7 100-500 word stories). The only qualifying fandom where I've written enough in in SGA. So, I am taking prompts and thoughts for the following fandoms (culled from the official list, because some I don't know) with the amount I've written in parentheses:

Criminal Minds (1-100+ words)
due South (2-100 words, 1-500+ words)
Firefly (1-500+ words)
Harry Potter - Rowling (1-100+)
NCIS (1-100+)
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Star Trek (2009)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Stargate Atlantis (qualify like woah)

Of course, if anyone has any Criminal Minds prompts, I'd be happy to give those a try too. I had a dream two nights ago that I was Prentiss, and I think I was trying to get Hotch to make out with me. Gotta love my brain.
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Don looks unimpressed, but I will persevere with this meme, ahaha. I had a hard time scaring up enough characters from one show (I did this a couple days ago with all Criminal Minds characters but that meant using Elle and THAT was no good ;o) ) so I threw in some CSI: New York people. That would be an awesome crossover, actually. And so handy, as they're right next to each other in the CBS lineup! But I digress...

Pick 12 characters, numbering them 1-12 WITHOUT looking below the cut. Then answer the questions, inserting appropriately numbered character within. Hilarity will result. Or the need for brain bleach. Or amazing plot bunnies. Or all three.

1. Don Flack
2. Derek Morgan
3. David Rossi
4. JJ Jareau
5. Emily Prentiss
6. Spencer Reid
7. Hotch
8. Stella Bonasera
9. Penelope Garcia
10. Danny Messer
11. Jordan Todd
12. Mac Taylor

many questions that will amuse/horrify you )
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Um. I seem to have written 300 words of Tim/Tony fluff. Ha?

(Sleight of Hand)

I don't have time to watch a new show!
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Ok, I am sort of over Danny/Lindsey, but I love this icon.

I'm scheduled to teach 4th grade this week which will be fun. Means I should go pick out "grownup and responsible" shoes to wear with my jeans. Not to mention some kind of classy shirt. Hmm.

But for later (because I still haven't downloaded Firefox to be able to save my open windows):

A fascinating discussion about children's books where people are ejected (forcibly or otherwise) from the fantasy land in them (such as Narnia and O) at [ profile] be_themoon's journal here. Also useful to this would be Hans Christian Andersen's story The Snow Queen, because someone references the queen as compared to the White Witch and I am sorely lacking a knowledge of most Andersen fairytales.

Also, there is the meme going around about who you would cast in a film about the zombie apocalypse and oh, the possibilities!

Which somehow reminds me of the meme about making a band and cd playlist using the "random article" button on Wikipedia and how awesome that was.
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This is really a link to a bunch of links: [ profile] elderwitty compiled a mountain of code to make a linked version of [ profile] anonymoouse's amazing list of McShep AUs, sorted by John's occupation. Many of them are stories I've read before (some recced here, actually) and I'm very excited to read the ones that are new to me. So should you!

Younger Sister and I went and saw Fantastic Mr. Fox, which was quirky and amusing and very much in the vein of Wes Anderson's other movies. I hadn't read the source material in quite some time, so whatever differences/additions (for example, Dahl isn't quite so dry in his humor as Wes Anderson, though there are extreme similarities that made it work for me) weren't noticeable to me. George Clooney does a great job with humor, in my opinion. He was misused as a romantic lead, IMO, he's much quirkier than you'd think.

*The subject line comes from the the poem "Cherry Stones" by A.A. Milne:

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief,
Or what about a cowboy, policeman, jailer, engine driver, or a pirate chief?
Or what about a ploughman or a keeper at the zoo,
Or what about a circus man who lets the people through?
Or the man who takes the pennies on the roundabouts and swings,
Or the man who plays the organ or the other man who sings?
Or What about the rabbit man with rabbits in his pockets
And what about a rocket man who's always making rockets?
Oh it's such a lot of things there are and such a lot to be
That there's always lots of cherries on my little cherry tree

It kind of wants me to take the poem and write a whole mess of drabbles of the AU variety. Any suggestions? (Bonus points for making Reid into a pirate chief or John and Rodney as an organ playing singing duo! Bones and Booth work for the zoo? The possibilities are endless! hahahaha)
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Yuletide story is almost done, sort of. 1500 words and counting, which is a plus. I'd like to break 2000, at least. Turns out Write or Die really does increase productivity, through sheer panic, if nothing else ;o)

Christmas tree has been bought! Older Sister arrive on plane in an hour! Holidays are here!
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So I spent tonight (in the midst of watching the kind of entertaining trio of CSI episodes that they knitted into a crossover) poking at a few stories that I'd posted before, so I bring you the multi-fandom drabbles that was Exothermic Reactions New! and Improved! Which mostly means that I edited some things and make the words better and make more sense. Each little bit has their own title, which made putting them in my compiled list of fic here.

I finally unlocked my contribution to [ profile] mcshep_match Team Peace, Imagine Whirled Peas, where John and Rodney get to babysit Torren for Teyla and much cuteness and snuggly napping occur.

Hopefully you haven't read these, because I'd love to hear what people think!
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It has been months since I've done this, but here: have the All Fic Edition of the Rec Triad.

Rec Triad June 2009

I've been catching up on The Mentalist, which is an adorably quirky show with fun characters about a mentalist who uses his crazy observational skills (and charming adorable sexiness personality) to help solve crime. If you watch the show, you will enjoy this fic immensely: Red Tables Turning. Don't be alarmed by its placement on after reading this one I totally took a spin through some more and woah, at times it was painful, yet hilarious. But, the story linked above gives a great outside view of Patrick Jane and how he acts when our favorite guys from the BAU show up to talk about Red John. I was not expecting the crossover insanity, and it was fun. Only two chapters, but I'd love a long, meaty look at how they'd help finally (I mean, seriously, guys, on Criminal Minds they find serial killers all the time in approximately 40 minutes, you haven't done it in 23 episodes!)

In a different vein, apparently I not only enjoy believable and interesting AU ideas (whether this means "and Hotch and Rossi have been together since he divorced Haley, trufax" or "hey, the BAU is all in the circus!"*) I just read a bandom AU fic (shut up, don't judge me) where Professor Gerard falls for Frank his hot TA (these guys are all from My Chemical Romance, fyi) which was tons of fun and cute. So go read [ profile] jezrana's "In Which Gerard Is a Quirky College Professor and Frank Is the Best TA Ever", parts 1, 2, and 3 (with more drabbles here).

This got me thinking about other Professor!AUs, which reminded me that I loved the Due South version where Fraser and Kowalski teach English Lit (Punk Academic); this love of professor/colleague/pretty much equal dynamic goes a long way towards explaining my own Elementary!verse stories.

But there has to be a story where John shows up as Rodney's crazy-haired TA who seems to have no background in the hard sciences but then busts out with some genius theory during TA hours (which Rodney monitors, just to make sure it wouldn't be a totaly disaster) and the way John's hands sketch the arcs of a mathematical curve makes Rodney's throat dry. Isn't there one? I have such a great mental image of this... help me out, guys!

*Not that there is a BAU-inna-circus!AU, but there definitely should be. Think of it: Reid wows as the Smartest Man in the World! Prentiss doing gymnastics atop a horse, or something! Morgan the Strong Man! Garcia as the awesome girl behind the scenes! Hotch as the hard-working and stressed owner of the circus and Rossi as the old co-owner that left years ago after a disastrous show but is back now for some "unfinished business"! I think this could work well...
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A poem for Poetry Month which I saw on [ profile] musesfool's journal and seems very John and Rodney-ish in my Elementary!verse AU or (especially) [ profile] winkingstar's excellent idea about John the English major and Rodney the science geek share library carrel space and flirt with each other in adorable ways. For the boys, it would of course work best without all references to "she" and "her", but such is life.

The Astronomer and the Poet

Somtimes it is impossible to know how things work. )


My life is kind of a stressful mess at the moment, but we'll get there. Also, just noticed that we still had the BBC, so I got to catch the end of old episode of "Torchwood" and sheesh, John Barrowman is pretty. Of course, he can be pretty silly, too. But hot like a hot thing. Especially his real accent (this is from a miniseries type thing where he explore the idea of what makes him gay and goes home to talk to his parents and this part especially is kind of adorable).

To conclude: Mmm, John Barrowman.
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So I was flipping through the channels and came across Without a Trace and saw that the guys are finding a disappeared serial killer... and GRISSOM is helping figure stuff out. Which totally means that my amazing crossover story idea where Warrick and Danny played football together as kids at a rec center and were juvenilely delinquent make perfect ficcish sense (dude, you KNOW it'd be awesome and why have I never written it? Sheesh.) and even better? It makes [ profile] trifles's CSI: Miami/WaT/Empire Records story totally canon. :D

Sadly, I have no more Danny/Martin icons, because that show kind of failed me in a story-telling sense. However, I am several episodes behind on Criminal Minds, though that is a good thing because I also woefully need to clean my room and that way, I will stop being tempted by the television as a means of procrastination. In addition, I still have Mamma Mia to watch from Netflix again. Good times.

To conclude, how is there not more Bones/Criminal Minds fic? Of course, I write this entry hours ago and I have now spent oodles of hours up reading CM slash of any and all varieties (Never thought Rossi/Prentiss was a pairing I would get behind. Huh.). Still, my desire for awesome Bones/Criminal Minds stories (in which Zach and Reid bond over being dork geniuses) still stands. Help me out here, internet!
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I finally think I'm beating the cold I've had for... two weeks now? So, in celebration (and continued procrastination from cleaning my room) I bring you the works-in-progress meme that is going around the place. They range from the "OMG, I can't believe I ever started writing this!" to the almost-finished current project. *waggles eyebrows temptingly*

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

1. Martin was early for once, Danny’s doing, and so could take the time to pick the least squeaky chair in the room.

2. Still, he hadn’t really been focused on the idea, Jack’s request for a date (right in the midst of a crisis, how typical), until one night when he’s nodding goodbyes to Owen and Tosh, grinning at Gwen (whose cellphone is already at her ear, Rhys nattering on about an early night and drinks, not that Ianto exactly means to eavesdrop) and he turns back to empty out the coffee pot and give everything a last declutter and tidy and there’s Jack standing in the doorway to his office, grinning.

3. Working the three of them together only lasts for about two weeks; Dean wakes up one morning to find the shades still drawn and Sam sitting quiet and tense on the opposite motel bed, holding a note in his hand.

4. This was either the weirdest pick-up in history or some seriously bad shit was about to go down.

5. "I was thinking you would enjoy a supporter at your weekly display of athletic manliness,” here Rodney raises an expressive eyebrow at the empty bleachers, “but seeing as you appear to only love me for my possession of a warm caffeinated beverage, I might just leave.”

6. When midnight hit, it was all bizarrely normal, even for their crowd and especially in view of the fact they were in the middle of Alphabet City.

7. Since this was Sam-talk for “Dean, I know you care more about the people we help than you’re pretending to”, Dean decided to change the subject before it became a chick-flick moment.

8. “Either way, they’ve decided that you and Rusty need to be taught a little lesson, and seeing as they have enough money to convince some not very nice people of the same, it’d probably be safer for you two to take a little vacation.”

9. Reid was so surprised that the endless buzz of background thoughts shorted out for a moment because, eidetic memory or not, no amount of remembered details could come close to the reality of Morgan kissing him.

10. Not only were they distracting to anyone willing to chance a glimpse of sky, but they also had the irritating tendency of allowing many of the building’s windows to forget their Purpose and slide open, punctuating the scratch of pen on paper with curses when a breeze toppled stacks of precious research.

11. Ben knew that he wouldn’t stand much of anywhere if he didn’t know people, which always made him feel a little bit like he was in the Mafia, but mostly he was happy that it meant he didn’t get slammed into the lockers by the football team or hassled by the varsity lacrosse players while he was waiting for the bus.


Should head to bed soonish, as I have to be up and teaching PE in the morning (hee) and then Chicks (with Sticks) in the evening. Full day, good times. :o)
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I think I am coming down with a cold, or at least having a not-so-fun reaction to all the rain from this week, because my nose aches and my throat hurts and my head hurt for most of the day. However! I got to gleefully clomp about in my dangerous steel-toed boots which I haven't worn for years because they were still in storage from living in NYC until over the holidays when I MAGICALLY found them in Las Vegas at my parents'. Though by that point the sporadic rain had stopped, so mostly I just looked very appropriate for my neighborhood, hilariously.

Still, I'm tired even though I went to bed early last night (though I was teaching from 8:30 until 6, with only 1-2pm off, so not surprising) and so didn't accomplish much today besides discovering a new silly show on Animal Planet called "Underdog to Wonder Dog" where they find some rescued puppy and train all the hurt and stress out of him and give him a haircut and give him to some family who needs a dog. Today it was a family whose dad was in Afghanistan; they puppy was cute and then the dad came home in time for his daughter's birthday. Yeah, I cried.

I have a little over half of an Elementary!verse fic in the making, but seeing as I have this week off due to Spring Break "Ski Week"--I didn't name it, that's seriously what they call it at the area private schools, how special--I will hopefully get it done. On that topic, does anyone have names of people at Atlantis that are not part of our main crew? I was trying to inject a few more characters into it (ie, the school needs more teachers, pls) so thoughts would be helpful :o) Role call so far includes:

Elizabeth Weir, head of school
Peter Grodin, her Secretary of Awesomeness
Carson Beckett, Upper Grade Science
Teyla Emmagen, Upper Grade Social Studies/English (I think). Ooh, maybe Halling should teach Social Studies?
Laura Cadman, 4th grade
Ronon, PE (all grades)
Aiden Ford, Teaching Assistant
John, 2nd grade
Jennifer Keller, Admissions/all around helper, gives really perky tours and yet somehow has time to show Teyla's classes pictures from when she was in the Appalachian mountains with Teach for America)

Rodney teaches university. Radek too. Lorne is on John's softball team (ahaha) and has a construction company, my brain told me in "Overflow". I can't quite bear to give Kavanaugh a role in any of this and I also seem to have the same problem "assigning" Katie Brown. Thoughts? Help? Apologies for slight crackiness and over use of parentheticals, which I swear is a side effect of writing this while slightly sick. Fun.


Now I have successfully taken a shower and plan on watching Wall*E because Disney cures all ills. Or at least part of it. And then tomorrow there is Frisbee, which I will hopefully not be too plaguey to at least go and hang out. Fingers crossed. Off to watch some robots save the future. Which sounds more like the Terminator, but not so much.

Wall-E: Come with me if you want to live.

*dies laughing*
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So I'm pondering a new Elementary!verse bit in my head and so I ask the assembled...

what was the weirdest school-time/school-age injury you suffered as a kid? I'm thinking of the "falling off the monkey bars and breaking your arm"/"nosebleed during the school play" variety. Nothing too scary, though; this is adorableness that I am writing, not horror, thanks :o)

I am home with Mom this weekend hanging out and being helpful and at present, I feel that the "productivity" will manifest itself as me cleaning out my room, because there's all this junk that I've had forever that I probably don't need to still have. Fun. Orrrrr, perhaps a nap XD

But the weather is lovely and I love being home and how I can see lights from my window down the hill at night and it's great.

Apologies for the slight non-sequitor-ness; I didn't get much sleep :o)
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So, I signed up for NaNoWriMo (oh lord, oh and if you are doing it to, be my writing buddy!) and then today upped the writing anty even further by signing up for Yuletide. At least they're not at the same time?

I've decided (and thank you for voting!) that I am going to use NaNo to work on BenCharlieMattWillSam (which has a kind of clunky title that might get killed off, here's hoping) and, along the way perhaps put together some Elementary!verse stories (it's about time for report cards, you know... I also had this great mental image of John and Rodney at the library, John merrily wandering around muttering to himself about the Dewey decimal system). It's a little bit cheating because I'm starting with an already begun story and I already had about 2,000 words that I'd put in my word count if I think it'd make me feel like even more of a cheater.

I have achieved a whole lot of furniture in my room, today I should perhaps start sorting through the random bits of crap that I've accumulated on my desk (because it's too small to figure out where else it should go). Also, hook up the printer.

In other news, have been listening to My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade basically on repeat in my car on the way to and from work. It is so good. So good, and lovely to sing along to and I lovelovelove how the slower songs are spaced around those that really rock out and "The Sharpest Lives" leads to "Welcome to the Black Parade" and time signatures are just on crack and awesome.

It is very rainy today, and prompted me to go look for "Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day" but no online video helped me out. Except for giving me "Heffalumps and Woozles" which I mostly find disturbing and way too similar to the "Pink Elephants on Parade" scene from Dumbo (which scared the heck out of me at like age 6). So, sadness.

Clearly means it is time for some Criminal Minds (oh, Special Agent Morgan is so pretty, and I feel like Reid would get along with Zach from Bones in an amusingly awkward way. Now there's a fic worth writing. Any good Bones/CM crossovers, guys? There has to be.) and a snack.

Enjoy your Mondays, everyone!


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