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About a million years ago, I had an idea for an SGA/Firefly fusion. And wrote up a whole rambly piece about what that would look like... and did nothing else. But there's still some... meat there, some energy that I could try to mine out.

So I'm posting it, in the hopes that it will continue to rocktumble (a term I stole from 
[personal profile] copperbadge, I fear, but totally accurate, a rolling and rocking and refining of a concept from dross to gold) and maybe even make somethign ficcish.

As an alternate fusion history, I think it's pretty awesome.

So I give you the backstory for the not!story (which I had tentatively called "Ending the Alphabet" after the
song by the Mountain Goats. Any thoughts (or pushes towards actual story-building) highly encouraged.

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The nice thing about the beginning of a new year is that there is always some change in energy, a feeling that bygones should go by, mistakes forgiven, and that all the things that need to be accomplished, can. Kind of fun.

Yuletide Excitement:

This year I got to write in American Gods and since one of the requests was more about any of the gods we meet, I wrote:
In the Land of Fire and Dreams, which was lots of fun to write not only because of my love of the slightly pretentious second person narrative voice but also because I got to poke around and learn lots of random things about early Slavic religion (granted, it was on Wikipedia and similar, so I could be wrong on... all of it). And I got to reference the Great Chicago Fire, which makes my little Diogenes Boys heart happy.

I received
but for the endless ifs by kittu9, which is an amazing story of Bloom and Penelope post-The Brothers Bloom, where they are awkward and real and full of adorableness with each other in a lovely jagged and true kind of way. And there is house renovation! HGTV would get a total kick out of reno-ing with Bloom and Penelope!

And now, some amazing Yuletide recs!

Detailed recs from American Gods, Jane Austen's Fight Club, Grimm, Sahara, The Holiday, Clueless, Song of Ice & Fire, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Chaos Walking trilogy and Muppet Show/Alton Brown RPF )

And, because January comes right after December (same every year!) I had a birthday! My friends threw me a party and it was awesome and filled with cake and presents. I had what felt like 800 birthday celebrations, between my friends and various groupings of my family. Love it.

I've been busy with work (tutoring and setting up the possibility of an early morning aide in kindergarten, oh and reading all the applications ever) but right now I have the cold of doom. Which means that instead of being productive I've been watching bad tv movies on Lifetime (I've learned way too much about teen issues today) and coding the heck out of this.

Oh, almost forgot, if you haven't seen it you should go check out my dashed off "what if Arthur/Eames were on Facebook?" fic that got 300 hits in a day and half. Inception is still the new black, friends. Forgotten how intense writing in popular fandoms in in regards to feedback. So, go see
The Power of Social Media, it amuses me.

As previously stated, I am 
[personal profile] flyakate  at DW, add me!

Ok, this post has been sitting on my computer for 800 days, finally posting it. Yay.

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List 5 shows and then answer the questions below the cut. No peeking!

The shows:

1. Eureka
2. Criminal Minds
4. Csi: NY
5. Hawaii Five-O

Questions below! )
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I finished my story for Remix! And it's like 3,000 words long! This is exciting and means that I probably should (can?) write more and just haven't yet. Was tons of fun. Hopefully will still seem like a good story later in the week; nice that it is done and yet I can still edit and poke at it on Archive of Our Own. And now to bed!
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I am reposting this with more information, because I know of lots of you who read this who might be interested.

Remix VIII (where you are given a story and get to mess with it and twist it around and make it fascinating in a totally different way) has opened its sign-ups (go here for more details).

I would love fic prompts to help me become "qualified" in some of the fandoms (at least 5 500+ stories or 7 100-500 word stories). The only qualifying fandom where I've written enough in in SGA. So, I am taking prompts and thoughts for the following fandoms (culled from the official list, because some I don't know) with the amount I've written in parentheses:

Criminal Minds (1-100+ words)
due South (2-100 words, 1-500+ words)
Firefly (1-500+ words)
Harry Potter - Rowling (1-100+)
NCIS (1-100+)
Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Star Trek (2009)
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Stargate Atlantis (qualify like woah)

Of course, if anyone has any Criminal Minds prompts, I'd be happy to give those a try too. I had a dream two nights ago that I was Prentiss, and I think I was trying to get Hotch to make out with me. Gotta love my brain.
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I got the most amusing (ish) email from the payroll department at Forrest today:

paycheck sent me a note and said that you have a payroll check uncashed

10-15-09 check#XXXXXXXX

Do you know where the check is ? Should I stop pay and re-issue?

So apparently I have a paycheck sitting somewhere in the chaos of my room. At least it will make cleaning exciting, a sort of "find the baby in the King Cake" version of tidying.

But then I have grand plans, in that I want have the ingredients to make Pioneer Woman's chicken picatta, though I think I will either make rice or penne instead of angel hair. And then maybe Alton Brown's chocolate chip cookies, because they are delicious. Oooh, or perhaps make some and freeze the others, for great Hot Cookie at a Moment's Notice!

(not quite sure where all those caps came from, but it amuses me)

The hilarious awesomeness that is [ profile] isurrendered still continues. I have a sketched out plan of the first season of The Diogenes Boys in my notebook; next chance I get I will take a stab and actually writing them down. The fact that I have actually let Simon Baker be by turns adorable and a bastard and yet always Australian never fails to make me grin. (Also making me grin is a tribute to him by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban about being Australian. Very goofy yet cute.)

Ok, let the great cleaning commence! Probably with a side helping of Disney movie, because those never get old :o)

Although the mention of Disney reminds me of this article, which you should read: Boys Aren't Stupid But Renaming Rapunzel Is from NPR. Sheesh.
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Though I'm sure many of you have already seen this (in case you are not following Sam, aka [ profile] copperbadge's jornal) I thought you'd enjoy reading about the use of Livejournal to create/construct/collaborate about fiction. [ profile] copperbadge wrote, edited, rewrote and eventually self-published a novel, Nameless, and the following is more a review of the process (he posted each chapter on Livejournal during the editing process and comments/response from the enormous pool of readers really changed both the writing of the novel as well as its structure).

Trial and (Ex)tribulation: The New Face Of Authorship in the Web 2.0 by Rebecca C. Moore

The postscript to Nameless: Talking with Twenty Five Hundred is a lengthier description and analysis of the crafting of a book with (literally) an audience.

I've read Sam's book at least three times in actual print (and probably once or twice on Livejournal) and I still really enjoy it. Reminds me that I never did finish The Dead Isle. Guess it'll go on my list!
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This morning Younger Sister and Roommate and their old college roommate drove down to southern California to visit some friends and stuff, so I have the house to myself until Monday night (when Roommate gets back). I did a little tidying (mostly running the dishwasher, because much wine was drunk and they all made rice krispy treats, both of which make dishes) and then had delicious tortellini with my sister's homemade pasta sauce of awesome. Then I made Jello instant pudding (I know my gourmet skills impress you so) so that was tasty.

I then watched a few season 1 Bones episodes and spoilers for 'Man in the Fallout Shelter' and 'Woman in the Car' ).

It was so super hot for a couple days, and I had this impulse to write about how heatwaves can drive a variety of people crazy. I wanted especially to write a drabble in Bones and Criminal Minds and, amazingly, it happened! I am shocked when sometimes I had an urge to write a specific thing and sit down... and do it. I mean, I sat down and wrote it out long hand and then typed it and edited and then there it was. Honestly, sometimes the story just sort of pours out (which sounds kind of crazy and hippy, that the story "fell from my fingers" or something like that) and happens and it's super cool and exciting. So, long story short, go read Exothermic Reactions and see how elementary!verse John and Rodney, Rusty and Danny, Booth and Brennan, Prentiss and Reid and Morgan, and Fraser and Kowalski all deal with the ick of summery heat. It definitely cheered me up, so hope you enjoy it!
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Title: Postcards from the Edge (Broken Chord Overdub)
Summary: “Learning music by reading about it is like making love by mail.” -- Luciano Pavarotti
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,191
Spoilers: References to major plot points throughout series.
Original story: Old Friends by [ profile] secondalto
Notes: Written for Remix VII

Postcards from the Edge (Broken Chord Overdub) )


Remix Thoughts: cut because it's long. )
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Most of my brain has been taken up with either dogsitting (a week ago, for a week, cuuuuuuuuute cocker spaniel who had squeaky snores, it was awesome) and summer camp (middle schoolers who are funny and tiring). I've also been catching up on Bones (aw, David Boreanaz is adorable). I'm up to "The Cinderella in the Cardboard" and (spoilers for plot twists in S4). ) I really enjoy the random rotation of interns, weirdly enough. Especially Mr. Nigel Murray, who(m?) I find extremely adorable. I feel like someone has made icons with a quizzical looking MNM (as it were) and now I can't find them. Bummer.

Today, Remix Redux 7 is open for reading! My original writer seems to like the remix I wrote, which is excellent. Someone (who is awesome and still anonymous until the 26th) took Not So Artificial and made Just Breathe (The Artifact of Vision Remix) which is hot and adorable and really shows how John and Rodney are sometimes so great together... and yet so inarticulate together. *smushes them*

I had a great time reading in all the fandoms that I know, which is always fun. Go! Read!

My sister and I watched the finale for Criminal Minds (again, for me) which I already griped about here. I've also been reading lots of Prentiss/Rossi, which is sort of connected (by the transitive theory of awesome? I dunno)... :o)
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If you've written enough fics in the qualifying fandoms--the big ones, like Harry Potter, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, or the rest at the sign-up here--and if reimagining someone else's fic is up your alley, you should totally sign up for Remix VII, where you get to write a different take (though keeping plot and pairings) on someone's story. It's tons of fun, this will be my fourth year doing it (woah). Because of it, I've received/written the following:

Remix IV
* I wrote Life & Other Equations (a Case of Closets Remix), which was a RENT story and totally gave me a new perspective on Mark and how his most likely a-typtical need for order fits it with Roger's messiness.

* I got Best Left Unsaid (Starving Artists Overdub) by [ profile] gildedmuse, and it was great to see a fleshing out of the little touches of a Mark/Roger relationship that I'd sketched in my story. Aww, I miss RENT!fandom.

Remix V
* I got to write Sam and Dean and awesome Supernatural brotherly bonding in In Nomine Patris (Latin Dance Mix), which always reminds me of how much fun the boys are to write (even though I am woefully behind on the current season... by which I mean I haven't seen it. Oops?)

* In return, [ profile] verstehen wrote Alma Mater Studiorum (Ol' 55 Mix), which is a great take on how John must feel in trying to be a good dad and a good hunter, and how Sam's already feeling conflicted and out of sorts about their whole nomadic lifestyle.

Remix VI
* The sixth year was when they started having more stringent qualifying fandoms, I think, so I wasn't too suprised when I got matched with someone who wrote lots of Stargate: Atlantis (which is the only Big Fandom that I have written lots in). I love side characters and my remixee had written lots about Atlantis's awesome C1, Evan Lorne. So I got to write Determind (Soldier Boy Remix), which as a added benefit let me indulge my quasi-pretensious love of writing in the second person ;o) I should go back and pick at that story, though, as I am now noticing way too many grammar issues on rereading. This is why the world needs beta readers, my children.

* I received Acceptable Risk (the Slow Build Remix) from [ profile] darsynia, which took a one-shot of John and Rodney being adorable (well, John has a freak-out, but he retains his adorableness throughout it) and remakes it into one bit of a hot progression of their relationship that is scorchingly sexy and lovely.


Can't wait to see what I get to write for this next year. Good times! In other random news, I took mom to the airport this morning after her weekend of visiting which was lots of fun and so now am awake at a time that I am so infrequently on a non-teaching day. Hopefully it will go productively, fingers crossed.

In final news, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] kumquat_queen!!!
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I've been having a great time reading all the amazing fics on [ profile] yuletide. I'd rec them, but then I'd be here for years. Suffice it to say that they are all astounding and gorgeous and painful by turns. So if you are a fan of a fandom that doesn't have much fic, it's probably there. I pinch hit twice (hitted?) and both fics seem to have been well recieved. Not what I usually write, but a great time anyways. In another post, I will have to pontificate about fic writing and how it is easier to actually seal the deal on fanfic than original for me, most of the time. I meant, I've finished several fics lately, but really made no headway on my Original fic of DOOM, as it were. Huh.

Happy birthday today to the lovely and talented [ profile] indy_go, whee! You are so strong-willed and... grownup; I am frequently in awe of your ability to just keep swimming, as it were. XD Coherent much, me, clearly.

And a general hurray for Capricorns, 'cause we're awesome. Holy goodness, I'm gonna be 24 in like a week. I'm an Epiphany! How did I get that old?!? Wow.

Older Brother leaving for his actual home tomorrow, which is sad, but hopefully by moving West at the end of the year I'll see him more. And should try to actually email him. More than.... never, which is what I've been doing previous. *makes note*

Lots of you are getting cards and sundries, but I fail at being timely, so they will be New Years/Twelfth Night cards, or at least get to you by that point. Yay?

There was probably a point to this post, but I've forgotten it. Oh, that's right, I was gonna make a meme, 'cause I was feeling very strong and independent earlier today.

I am Woman, Hear Me Roar (a meme)

The following is a list of awesome, independent things that women can/should be able to do. Can you? Bold the ones you can, and italicize the ones you are now motivated to try. Feel free to add if you like.

Change a car tire.
Change a light bulb.
Hang curtains/towel racks/etc.
Use power tools (drills, screwdriver, etc.)
Build furniture (desk, shelves, whatever)
Pump gas.

Understand paying taxes. (My mom does it, I should figure it out)
Throw a ball "like a boy"
Skip a stone

Be able to defend yourself (i.e. "kick ass" XD) (I wanna excercise more/get stronger. Booyah)
Move a box/couch/something heavy without help
Cook a meal
Sew something
Make a bed
Do your laundry

Fix a leaky faucet
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I ran/walked 3 miles today. I am AMAZING.

Although, I was writing dialogue in my fic a minute ago, and almost made Inara use both a verb contraction and be ungrammatical. I am slightly less amazing for that. Also, I kinda whumped Kaylee. She'll be okay, though! I promise. It was for dramatic effect. And to move the damn plot along. But it's moving now, so no more injuries are on the horizon. 'Cause I don't go out to hurt my characters.

Or, as [ profile] capedcrusader92 remembers, I'm not a sadist. I just whump people. But only in fic. *innocent*
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Writing Fanfic

While one of the most helpful things when writing fanfic is to know your source canon well, while also reading what else is in fandom (especially if cliche-fic is your thing), here are a couple resources that I've found when writing.

* Criminal Minds

*The Criminal Minds Fan Wiki is an excellently organized website that I used sometimes if I was watching a kind of creepy episode and want to know who did it (because sometimes I'm a big wuss, shut up). However, it is also a nice place to go remind oneself of exactly when Reid thought it was a good idea to invite JJ on a date (season 1, episode 4... around his 24th birthday, cute) or that apparently Prentiss and Morgan both love the same author (Kurt Vonnegut). Hopefully this will prompt me to write more Criminal Minds fic?

* Firefly

* Firefly Pinyin because it's hard to find the right words for the terrible things that Jayne swears if you don't know Mandarin. Started by [ profile] phoenixchilde while RPing at [ profile] milliways_bar. This is an excellent resouce to sprinkle your fic with. Just don't go over board, dong ma?

* Firefly Wiki to help you with planet names, random factoids from the show and movie and other entertaining stuff.

* Harry Potter

* Hopefully you've been to the Harry Potter Lexicon, because it's the definitive place for random facts and fictions you want to know (or not, as the case may be) about the books. Has lots of JKR's interview "canon" pieces and cool essays about everything from exactly how many students there are at Hogwarts to a fascinating theory trying to make sense of JKR's math in regard to the ages of the Weasley brothers.

* Stargate: Atlantis

* Wikipedia entry on SGA, which is actually pretty decent. Also helpful because it has links to detailed (especially on the part of John) entries on most of the characters and a list of all the episode arcs. Especially because I came late to the SGA party, I find all this junk useful.

* Supernatural

* The Winchester Journals is a site that takes note of all the info from the show, if you can't remember what the hell the dead guy's name was in "Heart" (Glen) or Dean's alias is "Asylum" (Nigel Tufnell). Counts the comic books as canon info, if that's your thing. Helpful for names, places, demons, etc., and updated through the current episode. Awesome.

Reading Fanfic

These are a collection of fanfic websites and journals that I read on a semi-regular basis. Noted if single or multi-fandom.

* BAU Fic: Criminal Minds Fanfiction is a Livejournal community that has both gen and varied slash pairings in Criminal Minds. Popular pairings include Hotch/Reid, Reid/Morgan, Hotch/Rossi, and Rossi/Prentiss. Fair warnings: multi-chaptered fics are posted in progress, which can make for a choppy reading experience. Also, quality may vary, as with any fic community. For straight Rossi/Prentiss (no pun intended?), check out Rossi/Prentiss Fans.

* Due South Archive (Hexwood) is, as you might have guess, a soley Due South fanfic archive. I found this back in high school with [ profile] capedcrusader92 and [ profile] alemara (when we were wee ickle fangirls) and it was still on Hexwood. Lots of great fic here, het, gen, slash, either Ray, Fraser/Turnbull, you name it, they probably have it. All ratings, which was... my first smut experience in high school. Yay?

* Pretty FBI Boys is a Without a Trace archive. I still have a great affection for this show, all its mistakes aside, because I've read some gorgeous fanfic there. And it's how I discovered [ profile] aesc, so it's all a win! The site also has icons and screencaps of season 1.

* Unfit for Society Recs is a journal manned by [ profile] musesfool of a large variety of recs from a handful of fandoms. The stories are invariably awesome and each rec comes with a summary and some reason for the rec, which I always find helpful. Also, she gives RemixRedux and Yuletide Recs during the "season".

* While We Tell Of Yuletide Treasure, otherwise known as Yuletide, is a yearly holiday fic exhange, only it's focus is "obscure fandoms". Wishing there were more Little Women stories in your life? Wishing you could find an audience for your Eerie, Indiana slash? (Not that I've written any, and please don't share it with me if you have ;o) ) It's lots of fun to participate in, and even more fun to wander around afterwards and look at the hysterical and lovely fanfics that people come up with.


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