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Hahahaha, so I was tidying my computer after updating all my fic links from livejournal to dreamwidth or mostly AOO3 links just to be safe and in the process checking to see what fics I had in the purgatory of WIP and what were actually complete files.

And I came across a doc of rambling about the season premiere... of season 6 of Criminal Minds (ie the one with Tim Curry being creepy)

So while I realize we are totally a season and a half ahead of this, posting it because it's hilariously out of date but still makes me laugh.

Enjoy? Unedited, but still, hilarious.


Previously on criminal minds… eric close was an idiot. )
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Title: In the Land of Fire and Dreams
Summary: The more real things get, the more like myths they become. Czernobog through the years, pre-novel.
Fandom: American Gods
Character: Czernobog
Rating: PG-13 for some vaguely mentioned violence, discussion of slaughterhouses and practices therin
Notes: Quote in the summary comes from Rainer W Fassbinder, while the title is taken from American Gods itself. Written for
julychildren for Yuletide 2011. She requested additional stories about any of the gods within the novel, and I thought that digging a little deeper into Czernobog and his dualistic nature would be fun. And I got to play around with 2nd person POV, which always makes me feel proud and a wee bit pretentious in a Real Art kind of way. I had a great time writing it! Hope you enjoy it too.


In the Land of Fire and Dreams )


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The nice thing about the beginning of a new year is that there is always some change in energy, a feeling that bygones should go by, mistakes forgiven, and that all the things that need to be accomplished, can. Kind of fun.

Yuletide Excitement:

This year I got to write in American Gods and since one of the requests was more about any of the gods we meet, I wrote:
In the Land of Fire and Dreams, which was lots of fun to write not only because of my love of the slightly pretentious second person narrative voice but also because I got to poke around and learn lots of random things about early Slavic religion (granted, it was on Wikipedia and similar, so I could be wrong on... all of it). And I got to reference the Great Chicago Fire, which makes my little Diogenes Boys heart happy.

I received
but for the endless ifs by kittu9, which is an amazing story of Bloom and Penelope post-The Brothers Bloom, where they are awkward and real and full of adorableness with each other in a lovely jagged and true kind of way. And there is house renovation! HGTV would get a total kick out of reno-ing with Bloom and Penelope!

And now, some amazing Yuletide recs!

Detailed recs from American Gods, Jane Austen's Fight Club, Grimm, Sahara, The Holiday, Clueless, Song of Ice & Fire, Mary Poppins, Aladdin, Chaos Walking trilogy and Muppet Show/Alton Brown RPF )

And, because January comes right after December (same every year!) I had a birthday! My friends threw me a party and it was awesome and filled with cake and presents. I had what felt like 800 birthday celebrations, between my friends and various groupings of my family. Love it.

I've been busy with work (tutoring and setting up the possibility of an early morning aide in kindergarten, oh and reading all the applications ever) but right now I have the cold of doom. Which means that instead of being productive I've been watching bad tv movies on Lifetime (I've learned way too much about teen issues today) and coding the heck out of this.

Oh, almost forgot, if you haven't seen it you should go check out my dashed off "what if Arthur/Eames were on Facebook?" fic that got 300 hits in a day and half. Inception is still the new black, friends. Forgotten how intense writing in popular fandoms in in regards to feedback. So, go see
The Power of Social Media, it amuses me.

As previously stated, I am 
[personal profile] flyakate  at DW, add me!

Ok, this post has been sitting on my computer for 800 days, finally posting it. Yay.

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So I've been reading too many posts on Conversations in Marvel on Tumblr and so I decided to poke around on the website that lets you make fake Facebook posts (not shockingly, this website is called This is definitely on the road to a bigger something that I am rock tumbling around in my brain, but I thought people would get a kick out of it, so there.

Hope you enjoy it?

Title: The Power of Social Media
Summary: Just a little talk between friends.
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames pre-slash
Rating: PG-13 for some bad language
Notes: It really makes no sense for them to be using Facebook at all, I realize. But the idea was too funny to pass up.

Image behind this link )

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Though technically (and financially) I am a permanent account holder at Livejournal, I thought I would join in the fun on Dreamwidth and start with the amazing cross-posting business. So while I'll probably continue commenting on people's journals and fic and what have you, just wanted to give the heads up.


Although I have to say, I'm a little bummed in having to pick out only 15 icons to use... so many good pictures! So little time!
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The meme seen all over:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.
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Hi everybody, so I was wandering around AAO3, like you do, adding in old fics and fibrillating about my Yuletide sign-up and I found that someone had pod booked the entirety of my Elementary!verse AU where John teaches 2nd grade and Rodney is a college professor and they are all kinds of adorable together.

So if you are looking for an hour of adorableness to listen to, go download the podbook here, and marvel at the awesomeness of [ profile] winkingstar, [ profile] rhea314 and [ profile] bessyboo!

Aww, man, it's been too long since I've thought of those stories. Makes me want to brush off the almost-finished story in that 'verse that I've had kicking around forever and finally post it. Hey, it could happen.

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Ok, probably need to have some actual full of sense and usefulness post soon, but only time for this piece of awesome:

Lions and Tigers by [ profile] starlingthefool (Arthur/Eames, R, crossover with Calvin & Hobbes which is way less sketchy than that sounds)

What were you like as a kid?” Eames asks him.
“Quiet,” Arthur says. “I lived in my head a lot. You?”
“I did too,” Eames replies. “Only I was never quiet about it.”

A story about growing up, sort of.


Hot and perfect. Would blather more but that gives it away. Genius.
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List 5 shows and then answer the questions below the cut. No peeking!

The shows:

1. Eureka
2. Criminal Minds
4. Csi: NY
5. Hawaii Five-O

Questions below! )
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Title: Kiss Me Better (But Keep Your Gas Mask On)
Summary: “Hey, Mr. “I can kill a man with a toothpick and my thumbs”, I’m sure you SEALs have a whole guidebook about what to do during a unnatural disaster, so if you could start mentally paging through, that’d be great."
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Danny/Steve (established)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,343
Spoilers: none
Notes: While driving home one day and listening to My Chemical Romance's newest slice of dystopic post-apocalyptic awesomeness, I was struck with an image of Kono and Steve and Danny stuck someplace during some kind of world-ending disaster. Then the title stuck and... here we are. Written for the Hawaii Five-O Fandom Blowout. Enjoy!

It’s been three hours since they’d heard from Catherine, a full twenty minutes past her promised check in and every time Steve’s eyes flick uneasily to the silent two-way radio on the desk his shoulders tighten more and Danny can read the fear on his face even more clearly. )
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It's finally the magic day where we get to find out who wrote what (and perhaps why). I wrote:

In Case of Emergency, Head Towards the Nearest Exit
Eureka; Jack and Nathan; PG; 2,861 words
Everyone's set to celebrate Stark's miraculous return to Eureka. But nothing, even a simply party, can actually go as planned in Eureka.

My recipient wanted what everyone secretly wants: a chance for Nathan to be back in Eureka and solve things with Jack, snarking all the way. They also spoke of a love of all the made up science (overly cold ice cores that take over Eureka! Intelligence draining chicken breasts? I mean, come on!) that they have. So, having Fargo's computer program somehow merge with Henry's building program? No problem! I have a huge fondness for writing Jack (I can totally see his hand gestures and facial expressions, it's bizarre) and gosh, he and Nathan were amazing together. Go, read! Enjoy! If you read my other fic (with the amazing snowstorm! It was awesome!) I continue my theme of all the ridiculous paperwork that Jack has to no doubt fill out after all of these (because every government agency has paperwork, even in Eureka).

It's set in the gap between the end of season 3 and the beginning of season 4 (clearly in watching canon there has to have been a time gap between the two) so it doesn't require any rewriting of canon (though you know that Stark and Grant would be soooo amazingly snarky at each other too! It would be something Jack and Nathan could bond over!)


I received:

V for Vendetta; Evey/V; R; 3,117 words
Evey and Finch are going through papers connected to V’s life and legacy, and it makes Evey think back to an evening she never told anyone about.

I love this! It takes all the twisty, complicated stories that people tell about each other and places Evey and Finch in V's compound going through his papers. The memory that Evey is reminded of (and the resulting Evey/V) is fascinating and I can totally see this as a deleted scene from canon.


So many good fics, so little time. A few recs:

Ever wanted to cross Anthony Bordain with Narnia? Well, now you can: No Reservations: Narnia. PURE GENIUS.

cooking shows + Cooks Illustrated + Muppets = awesome. Otherwise known as Cooks llustrated vs. the Holidays; or Science: It Works

A plethora of gorgeously creepy and terrifying stories set in the Gaiman universe of A Study in Scarlet: here

What You See Is What You Get (If You're Looking Hard Enough): a stunning Mentalist steampunk AU with witches, wizards, empaths and telepaths, oh my!

A story that slots in perfectly with the rest of the Chronicles of Amber, in all their backstabby, coniving, convoluted glory - Breaking Patterns. And, more cracktastically, A Unicornmas Dinner with the Amber Royal Family. OMG so funny.

Hoping everyone had a lovely holiday--mine was full of family stuff (dramatic and otherwise) and trying to catch up on sleep. I've been working super long hours both at subbing and tutoring AND application reading, so my LJ presence has been kind of crap. Hopefully that will change, because I need to squee with everyone about Hawaii Five-O (go read the hotness at [ profile] kissemdanno)! And finally catching up on Criminal Minds! (sheesh, they've gotten so CREEPY)

Happy beginning of 2011, all!
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Seeing as I "helpfully" (er, I mean that ironically) linked either to my main journal or my page of fanfic (though I suppose that would be helpful so you could see what I write, and therefore what I might enjoy? Don't ask me to explain my logic, there was none) I will write this and leave it at the top of my journal and make a link from my fanfic page as well. My apologies. So, to begin...

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Specifics within )
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I've been talking about several fics that I NEED to link, and instead of the half-assed links post from a week ago, I instead reworked that into a more comprehensive and coherent list here. Enjoy!

* Of locker rooms and lunch dates by [ profile] zeldaophelia (CSI: NY; PG-13; 4,933 words)
Flack/Angell. One version of how they finally hooked up.

A series of fics about how Don and Jess got together. All kinds of adorable. I'm still enough behind that I need to see more of the episodes with the two of them (and ignore the season finale of great woe, lalalala) but I love the characterization of Jess here as someone who can put up with Flack's snark and dish it right back. Cute.

* my life's come off its tracks by [ profile] mimblexwimble (Supernatural pre-series AU; PG-13; ~29,000 words)
Dean tells her, things are going fine, yeah he got into a fight and no, he doesn’t want to talk about it. He’s getting better and better at this sign language thing. He looks at her brightly. Big smile. Opens his swollen eye as wide as it can go.

Ouch, shit.

Gorgeously written and paced. I would love to see later pre-canon or even canon written in this 'verse. Perfect nailing of voices with the kids and the adults (Bobby! Pastor Jim!) even when it kind of break your heart. Hilarious and sad all at once.

* Empty Spaces by [ profile] darkmagic_luvr (CSI NY/Criminal Minds semi-AU; PG-13/R; 13,200 words)
There's a serial killer in the suburbs of New York and the BAU has been requested to provide a profile. The NYPD and the BAU decide to collaborate, sending an FBI agent and a senior detective undercover, posing as a married couple, fitting the same criteria of the pervious victims. Don Flack and Emily Prentiss haven't seen each other in years, but now, seeing as they have to pretend to be married, they'll be seeing a lot of each other.

I know you are shocked (or not at all) that I am behind this story ;o) I'm sorry, but can we just talk about how hot the idea of Don and Emily would be? I love the idea that they met and had a relationship (even though I'm not sure I bought Prentiss logic in the story about why they broke up but whatever, I guess we needed it for plot reasons) and Garcia in this is perfect and spot on. Honestly I enjoyed it as much for the mental images (*grin*) as the story, which was an interesting casefile.

*(Not Your) Superman Tonight by [ profile] torakowalski (Multi-bandom AU; NC-17; 37,000 words)
Brian scratches his neck. "This is the NSA," he says, "The National Security Administration. They're feds."

Bob raises his eyebrows, all no, really?

Brian winces. "They employ telepaths. Like Asher and-" me. He can't say it. He folds his arms. "It's not as weird as it sounds."

Even if you're not a bandom fan, this story is all kinds of fascinating. It takes the premise of the movie Thoughtcrimes (mmm, Joe Flannigan as an FBI agent) and blurs it nicely with actual bandom (hey, turns out it's hard to manage a band and be telepathic at the same time, who knew?) and it's funny and sharp and violent and I wish it were a movie because it'd be awesome.

* Small Town by [ profile] ashinae and [ profile] linden_jay. (Sports Night AU; NC-17; 41,750 words)
Welcome to Port Bowmore, Nova Scotia. Population 700.

Dan and Casey, roommates since college, co-manage the town's sporting goods store. Dan (who is not-so-secretly in love with Casey) spends most of his time hunting the local longshoremen. Casey (who is very secretly in love with Dan) is sleeping with Sally Sasser, the town's ambulance chasing lawyer. When Bobby Bernstein comes to town to recruit Dan for a GM position at SportChek in Halifax, Casey has to confront his feelings for Dan, or lose him to the 'big city'.

Hot and hilarious and witty enough that it sounds straight out of a Sorkin script. Despite the shift in universe, this is still totally Danny and Casey and the rest; the boys still suck at communicating about anything, and Dana still rules all. Genius.
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I realize it's actually May-almost-June, but the weather in Northern
California right now is ridiculous. It's raining again and
so the kids are all wiggly and won't get to go outside ever again and it

Less sucky is that I am flying tomorrow night to my 5th college reunion WTF
and it will be so much fun even with all the tired of a redeye. Maybe I
wrote about this last time?

Younger Sister left for her college reunions (the way they roll everyone
goes back every year, not just on the 5-10-15, etc.) early this morning, and
because I am awesome I dropped her at the airport on the way to work.
(...also, she did it for me once). I am trying not to think about how long
today is going to feel. Fortunately, I have another night and part of an
afternoon tomorrow to pack and run errands, so it will all work out, and
even if I forget to bring something... I'm only gone until Monday.

I read an amazing long AU of Sports Night (where Dan sleeps with
longshoremen and runs a sporting goods store with Casey) and it was like a
"crazy dream" episode of Sports Nights penned by Sorkin, that's how on the
ball it was. Hilarious and hot. Will link later.

Also, read a heartbreaking but perfect fic that was a Supernatural AU with
Wee!chesters, where Dean has to recover from a violent childhood illness and
how he and John and Sam (with great supporting by Bobby and Pastor Jim) deal
with it. Great sense of the voices and fits nicely into pre-canon, though
I'd love to see a canon episode set in this universe. Will link later (see
the pattern?)

10am... only 5 more hours until I get to go home. Yay? *sigh*
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Dear US Airways,

While I was not totally jazzed on flying with you (dear Jetblue, why can't
you fly to Philadelphia?) I was dealing with it. Until I learned that you
want me to pay an EXTRA TWENTY+ DOLLARS to check a bag.

Next time, we're flying in to JFK and making it work, man. I'm breaking up
with you, US Airways.

No love (but lots of airplane-safe tiny bottles),

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-blanket apology for funky formatting---one of these days, LJ will not have
weird line breaks when posting from an email, but today is not that day.
Also apologies for not having a direct link to my original fic, but I can't
go on LJ from here, so will have to wait for later-

Remix 8 is live! I was so excited that this happened yesterday, and then
totally forgot to post about the lovely fic that I got, though I remembered
to thank my remixer, thank goodness. Thank your remixer. They took on one
of your stories and made something new and awesome and fun from it. Thank
them lots for the time and effort they put in. It's good manners,

My remixer took my short Atlantis/team drabble The Weight of Water
and played it into The
Weight of Water (Athosian Remastered)
, a fascintating rumination by
Teyla about how she fits and finds herself in Atlantis and with the rest of
the Atlantis crew. 2nd person POV can be tricky to write, so I am doubly
impressed that the writer did it so well, pulling in nice repetitions and
the rhythms of the first piece and making it even fuller and richer and its
own work. Go read it and tell whoever it is that it is awesome.

I had a great time writing my remix (omg so much fun, ate my brain for the
past two weeks and I can't wait to share it with all of you) and more
importantly, my remixee liked it as well! That's always at least a mild
anxiety, so glad to have the validation. It's amusing to see how the fandoms
settle out for Remix--lots of Harry Potter (not a shock) and SGA, but not a
lot of my other favs. Only 1 Criminal Minds, 2 NCIS and 1 CSI: NY? Sheesh,
guys, where's the love? ;o) Some lovely Narnia reworkings, though.

Which reminds me, I read a great Flack/Prentiss crossover last week where
they had some past relationship (even though I'm not sure I bought Prentiss
logic in why they broke up but whatever) and it was super cute. Especially
the Garcia parts. It's on [ profile] bau_fic about a page back; I'll try to
remember to add in the link when I get home. For some reason, those two
worlds mesh really well in my head. Don't know why.

School has been great (if tiring) and this past weekend was the last set of
games for Chicks with Lacrosse Sticks; we actually won a game! The girls are
cute and enthusiastic (mostly) so I'll miss hanging out with them, but not
going to miss all the extra time it sucked up on Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

Also, flying on Friday to my 5th college reunion! Where does the time go???

Hope all's well with everyone. Sorry I've been so sporadic on the journal,
I'll try to get on that.

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I finished my story for Remix! And it's like 3,000 words long! This is exciting and means that I probably should (can?) write more and just haven't yet. Was tons of fun. Hopefully will still seem like a good story later in the week; nice that it is done and yet I can still edit and poke at it on Archive of Our Own. And now to bed!
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(tried to email-post this yesterday from a different email address, which
apparently didn't work. Here goes!)

I have been really bad about posting, but for a very good reason!


I have been working in a 4th grade class since the middle of April (I am
staring my third week here) and I love it. The days are long
(7:30am until 3:30pm, with not that many preps) and it's non-stop small
grouping and flexible instruction: the kids have lots of language/reading
difficulties, so it's a great chance to work on my explicit teaching skills
as well as getting lots of practice and training in different assessments
and strategies for working with kids who have learning differences. Long
story short, it's a job that's MADE OF AWESOME. And also tired.

I love the kids and the teachers (and the commute's a little bit shorter
than going to Labyrinth and Forrest, so that's a plus) and I miss my old
jobs and old kids, but it's an excellent opportunity and it's SOOOOO NICE to
know where I'm going every morning. OMG.

I have been so tired after all my long days than I've been sleeping like
a... sleepy person and not doing a whole lot else. I hope to be more
vigilant (CONSTANT VIGLANCE! aha) in going to bed early and then actually
being productive when I get home. Mostly because my room is a mess and my
baking blog is stalled out again.

Ok, time for recess, so I'm off. Hope all is well with everyone in LJ-land!

*For the rest of the school year at the least, but fingers
crossed for next year...


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