Jan. 1st, 2015

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Title: Night Terrors (AO3)
Summary: Monroe, someone died," Nick reminded him with a grimace. "I don't think this counts as a social call."  "Oh right, my bad," Monroe said. "We really need to go out for a beer sometime. It's sad that this is my social life."
Fandom: Grimm
Charaters: Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin, Monroe
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2014 as a gift for Gryph, who wanted our three guys hanging out and hunting things. So here we are! 

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As you perhaps remember, last Christmastime I was super psyched to write a piece to world build A Study in Emerald by Neil Gaiman. If you still haven't read it, go here.

Nothing says Christmas like messing around with ACD canon.

Title: The Case of the Curious Menagerie (A03)

Summary: Later that afternoon, the young woman who had written appeared at our door. That she had found us at all spoke to not only her skill at seeking out less than legal avenues of help, but also of the severity of her problem. Once she was seated, I could see the desperation and fear that had driven her to seek us out wash over her face, making her voice tremble and hands quiver.
Fandom: A Study in Emerald
Rating: R
Warnings (highlight to read): Vague and specific references to Lovecraftian insanity. Death of animal-like creatures. Vague reference to assult/PTSD. Tentacles and bodily harm.
Notes: Written for Yuletide for  Satchelfoot. A twisted reimagining of "The Adventure of the Speckled Band".
The Case of the Curious Menagerie )
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Title: Nightcap (A03)
Summary: Moran and Moriarty have a hard time sleeping. Moran wonders why that might be.
Fandom: A Study in Emerald
Rating: gen
Characters: Sebastian Moran, James Moriarty
Notes: Written for Yuletide Madness for [personal profile] gyzym . It never really fleshed out the way I'd hoped (and the deadline didn't help), but I enjoyed sketching out the clearly doubtful Moran from the original story.

Nightcap )


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