Dec. 29th, 2014

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Title: Secondhand Hope (A03)
What (might) happen Captain Steve Rogers, Chief Science Officer Dr. Bruce Banner and Chief Engineer Tony Stark are an away team.
a fusion of Star Trek reboot and Avengers. Set post- Star Trek: Into Darkness, so mild spoilers for that.
Written for [personal profile] musesfool  on her birthday. I was totally captivated by the USS Avenger casting pic on Tumblr, and so wrote this. It could definitely be something more, you never know.
 Secondhand Hope )
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Title: the past is prologue 
Summary: Ginny Hempstock had said it was only the three of them. But, before, there had been more. Or, a story of how Ginny had brothers.
Fandom: The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
Rating: G
Notes: Written for Yuletide 2013 as a gift for [personal profile] shrift , who wanted something from Ginny's perspective about why the men leave. And here we are!
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Title: Tesla Gibson 13 (A03)
Summary: Steve was three steps into the kitchen, debating hot chocolate versus raiding the fridge, when he realized that he wasn't the only one up, there were voices coming from down the hall in the living room.
Fandom: Avengers
Rating: G
Warnings: (highlight to read) implied alcohol abuse/alcoholism, mentions of verbal abuse from family members  
Notes: I was thinking about there are the families you are born into and the families you choose. Then I wondered how Tony and Steve might feel about those ideas.

Tesla Gibson 13 )
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Title: Restoration (Cornish Dance Mix) [A03]
Summary: The Grey House (which was still called only that by the older residents, no matter that it now had a proper house number and postal code just like the rest of the village) had ceased to be grey some years back; its boards weathered white by the wind and the salty air. Will wondered if he should paint it, but the expense and hassle seemed a bit much for accuracy in a title, and Will had learned long ago that old names can still be true, despite appearances. More true, even.
Fandom: The Dark is Rising (future fic)
Rating: G
Notes: So, funny story: I saw this go by as a pinch-hit in Remix and was thoroughly convinced that I had gotten the reply fast enough. I was, in fact, SO SURE that I didn't realize until deadline that I didn't get to write this. So I waited and posted it as an amusing gift, because I'm a goof. So what follows is a remix of the drabble 
Orientation, or really a further expanding on the reason Will is at the Grey House.


Restoration (Cornish Dance Mix) )


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