Jul. 6th, 2013

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I was getting nostalgic for all the [community profile] isurrendered  business, so I thought I'd dig my show back out and update it (not to mention that in the LJ/DW shift and with changes in image hosting, all my pictures went away, oops). So here it is once again:

PROMPT: A show about the beginnings of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Can be historically AU if wanted (from 
[personal profile] be_themoon )
SHOW: The Diogenes Boys
GENRE: Crime procedural/historical drama. I played merry hell with some timeline issues, but it was too good a framing idea to pass up.
FORMAT: Each season has 22 episodes of about 50 minutes each. Rumors had been that CBS has originally wanted it to continue ratings boosts for Criminal Minds and CSI, but deals fell through after the first award-winning season. The show was then picked up for its second season by BBC America as part of the "Crime-Stopping Wednesdays" and paired with Ripper Street and Copper. Hey, a girl can dream...

In 1871, an all-consuming inferno raced through the city of Chicago. It burned for two whole days, leaving hundreds dead and over four square miles of the city leveled to the ground. The resulting chaos completely severed all lines of communication between the home office of the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the small number of agents that worked out of the Philadelphia office, a city referred to in the agency cypher code as "Diogenes". Together these Pinkerton detectives solve crimes the police are unable (or unwilling) to touch. Will their biggest case yet--infiltrating and breaking the notorious Molly Maguires gang--unify them, or will hidden loyalties and dangerous circumstances drive them fatally apart?

OPENING CREDITS: Gravel Walk - The Rogues

This was way too much fun. Coming up, episode guides! FIc requests?


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